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75 years 
of commitment 

to quality of life

The VELUX Group celebrates the idea of bringing daylight and fresh air into people’s lives. Through 75 years of innovation and dedicated work, we have refined this idea. Today we offer a range of products and solutions that contribute to quality of life - for example for people in their homes and workplaces as well as supporting better learning for kids in schools.

Roof windows to sports clubs across Europe

In celebration of our 75th anniversary, we are donating roof windows to sports clubs across Europe. Any sports club can apply for a donation of a complete installation of four VELUX roof windows by simply filling out the application(link) and contacting an installer. The donation will make even the darkest clubhouses more bright and inviting, while allowing more fresh air in.

Campaign about indoor climate

Around 16% of Europeans currently live in damp or mouldy dwellings. We are highlighting this fact in a campaign with a chance to win a VELUX INTEGRA roof window.

Please enter the competition by answering the question: How many litres of moisture does a family of four generate in a day?

Campaign about indoor climate

Providing people with sustainable
energy and light

Today 1.2 billion people around the world do not have access to electricity. To address this issue, the VELUX Group and the social business Little Sun are collaborating to help bring clean, reliable, and affordable light to off-grid African regions.

In November 2014, design students from all over the world were invited to design a special edition solar lamp, of which 14,500 units would be donated by the project to off-grid communities in Senegal, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Two talented students from the University of Beunos Aires won the design competition and their design is currently being produced.

The NGO Plan International is our distribution partner and will facilitate training of young entrepreneurs in the communities. Using an entrepreneurial distribution model the 14,500 donated solar lamps will be sold at locally affordable prices in off-grid communities without electricity in Senegal, Zimbabwe and Zambia. In this way, the Natural Light project will create employment opportunities, grow communities and thereby improve livelihood in off-grid African regions.

To mark the VELUX Group’s 75th anniversary, we will launch a number of activities: one is to extend our focus on social responsibility by bringing light to some of Africa’s off-grid communities. 

Together with the social business Little Sun, we are developing and distributing a special-edition solar lamp that will bring sustainable and affordable light to regions where electricity is scarce. 

Stay tuned to follow the Natural Light lamps - naturallight.org


Paintings from 20 countries

20 artists have been working for months with the aim of creating an artistic interpretation of the role of windows for buildings with special attention to light through the roof or façade. The results are 20 extremely different and very interesting paintings each in their own way expressing the importance of daylight in buildings. The winners have been selected.