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VELUX 75 years

Bring more daylight into your sports clubhouse

In 2016, the VELUX Group celebrates its 75th anniversary. One of the initiatives to mark this milestone is the donation of VELUX roof windows to sports clubhouses all over Europe.

The VELUX Group has delivered products for better living environments and healthier homes with daylight and fresh air for 75 years. As daylight providers, we know how much a healthy indoor climate means to the performance and health of people. Therefore, as part of our 75th anniversary celebration in 2016, we have decided to donate a number of VELUX solutions to bring fresh air and better daylight to sports clubhouses throughout Europe. In return, we ask for images and documentation of the sports clubhouses “before and after” and images of the people benefiting from daylight through those new windows.

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Find and download a printable poster and campaign info in your own language including country specific terms and conditions.

During the VELUX EHF Campions League FINAL4 2016 in Cologne, we communicated the message behind this donation of roof windows to sports clubs.

Watch the video and find out how your sports club can benefit from this donation.


January – August:

Sports clubs and associations must cooperate with a local installer to develop a project description and apply for a VELUX product package of six VELUX roof window solutions.  

15 August:

Application deadline and jury meeting (end august).


Winner announcement

September – December:

Refurbishment and installation in winning sports club buildings start. Each winner sends documentation and before & after pictures and/or films to velux75@velux.com

To be considered for the donation of VELUX roof windows to sports club houses, all sports clubs must fill in the application form and upload drawings, pictures or videos below.

We prefer to receive applications in English, but it is also possible in local language.

Make sure to read the "Declaration of Consent" at the bottom of the page by clicking on the links.

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Read the terms and conditions for the campaign and for the processing of personal data.

Any questions, please contact us at velux75@velux.com.