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Company profile

    Daylight and fresh air. That’s our business
    For more than 70 years, the VELUX Group has created better living environments for people around the world. Using daylight and fresh air.



    Our solutions

    The VELUX product programme includes roof windows and modular skylights as well as a range of decoration and sun screenings, roller shutters, installation solutions and remote controls.

    Our products ensure a healthy indoor climate. For work and learning. For play and pleasure. They give back to the environment by being highly energy-efficient, generating more energy than goes into producing them. Giving back also guides our way of doing business. We care for the people we work with and the communities we’re a part of.

    VELUX product programme




    Our business

    With manufacturing and sales operations in more than 40 countries, our products and services are widely available. We also have an extensive distribution network, making our products easily accessible.

    We serve customers and partners with local know-how and work closely with them to develop better living environments for people. Today and in the future.








    The Model Company Objective. The way we do business

    In 1965, our founder, Villum Kann Rasmussen, formulated the Model Company Objective.
    It still guides our way of doing business in the VELUX Group.


    In everything we do, we set a standard of excellence. For product quality, for business conduct and for responsible citizenship. 

    Our solutions create better living environments. So does our way of doing business. By engaging respectfully with the people we work with; by giving back to the societies we do business in; and by working responsibly with the natural resources we all depend on.

    We create value for society and a profit for our business. A profit we use to stimulate innovation and set even higher standards for sustainable living in buildings. That’s an ambitious goal. But our vision and values help us get there.

    Explore our Model Company Objective in our interactive VELUX Home.

    Find out more
    Learn more about our VELUX Home and our Model Company Objective:

     Bringing light to life (pdf)

     Corporate Responsibility


    Model Company Objective

    ”It is the Group’s purpose to establish a number of Model Companies, which cooperate in an exemplary manner.

    By Model Company we mean a company working with products useful to society, which treats its customers, suppliers, employees of all categories and shareholders better than most other companies.

    A Model Company makes a profit, which can also finance growth and maintain financial independence.”

    Villum Kann Rasmussen, 1965



    We work for the VELUX Group because we want to

    Mutual respect
    We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves


    Our future is shaped by our continued ability to improve


    Local initiatives
    Local initiatives are essential to achieve our common goals


    The right effort, in the right place, at the right time



    To lead the development of better living environments with daylight and fresh air through the roof and to be rated as the best in the eyes of our customers.



    The VELUX Group in brief 

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    Corporate responsibility

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    Sustainable Living in Building

    Our locations

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    Build to last. The highest quality standards
    “One experiment is better than a thousand expert views.”

    These words from our founder, Villum Kann Rasmussen, sum up the way we work at the VELUX Group.

    Coming up with new ideas and putting them to the test to see whether they meet the highest quality standards.


    Testing quality to the limit

    Quality testing is not something we take lightly. In fact, we take it to the limit. We have a Test Centre dedicated to ensuring that our products really are built to last. Most important of all, we take our solutions into the real world for the ultimate test.

    To test the viability of climate-neutral buildings, we’ve built six full-scale demonstration buildings in five countries. And we’ve let people live and work in them – to make sure energy-efficient building also makes for a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.
    Watch how the VELUX Test Centre tests our products to the limit.

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    Visit our building cases:
    Learn more about our approach to:



    Sustainable living. Energy efficient buildings with healthy indoor climate

    At the VELUX Group, we believe that energy efficiency and quality of life go hand in hand. We call it sustainable living in buildings.

    Find out more about our approach to create healthy indoor climate. Providing daylight and fresh air in energy efficient buildings.


    Learning more. Share to innovate 

    Setting the agenda for better living environments is not something we do alone. We engage with people who are just as passionate about the potential of daylight and fresh air as we are.

    Colleagues, customers, partners, industry experts, students. They’re all invited on board to help us push new boundaries and bring solutions to market that really make a difference for people’s health and well-being.


    Join the dialogue

    The VELUX Daylight Symposium brings together some of the world's leading daylight experts to discuss the use of daylight for sustainable building.

    Our International VELUX Award for Students of Architecture invites the future ‘daylight engineers’ to explore the theme of daylight and share their ideas for sustainable daylight solutions.

    Our VELUX International Design Award focuses on designing blinds of the future. This design award challenges students to come up with innovative ways of changing the indoor environment purely through screening or softening of sunlight.

    Experience highlights from the VELUX Daylight Symposium and check out the amazing entries to the International VELUX Award for Students of Architecture and the VELUX International Design Award.



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    Architect Students' Award

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