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Company profile

    Daylight and fresh air. That’s our business
    For more than 70 years, the VELUX Group has created better living environments for people around the world. Using daylight and fresh air.



    Our solutions

    The VELUX product programme includes roof windows and modular skylights as well as a range of decoration and sun screenings, roller shutters, installation solutions and remote controls.

    Our products ensure a healthy indoor climate. For work and learning. For play and pleasure. They give back to the environment by being highly energy-efficient, generating more energy than goes into producing them. Giving back also guides our way of doing business. We care for the people we work with and the communities we’re a part of.

    VELUX product programme




    Our business

    With manufacturing and sales operations in more than 40 countries, our products and services are widely available. We also have an extensive distribution network, making our products easily accessible.

    We serve customers and partners with local know-how and work closely with them to develop better living environments for people. Today and in the future.






    The Model Company Objective. The way we do business
    In 1965, our founder, Villum Kann Rasmussen, formulated the Model Company Objective.
    It still guides our way of doing business in the VELUX Group.

    In everything we do, we set a standard of excellence. For product quality, for business conduct and for responsible citizenship. 

    Our solutions create better living environments. So does our way of doing business. By engaging respectfully with the people we work with; by giving back to the societies we do business in; and by working responsibly with the natural resources we all depend on.

    We create value for society and a profit for our business. A profit we use to stimulate innovation and set even higher standards for sustainable living in buildings. That’s an ambitious goal. But our vision and values help us get there.

    Explore our Model Company Objective in our interactive VELUX Home.


    ”It is the Group’s purpose to establish a number of Model Companies, which cooperate in an exemplary manner.

    By Model Company we mean a company working with products useful to society, which treats its customers, suppliers, employees of all categories and shareholders better than most other companies.

    A Model Company makes a profit, which can also finance growth and maintain financial independence.”
    Villum Kann Rasmussen, 1965

    VELUX vision. Where we are going

    Visions have always been the guiding star for where we want to go. Our founder Villum Kann Rasmussen formulated the ambition “to develop a roof window which in every respect is as good as the best vertical window”.  Today the aspiration of creating better living environments lives within every part of the VELUX Group.

    To lead the development of better living environments with daylight and fresh air through the roof and to be rated as the best in the eyes of our customers.
    VELUX values. Who we are
    Our VELUX Values come as five core statements. But they are more than writing on a poster. Our Values express who we are, and they are best experienced when they are lived in everyday life.

    We see our Values as a code for behaviour and an expression of how we act, when we for instance challenge the existing practices to meet the demands of the rapidly changing business environment that we operate in or challenge ourselves to perform at even higher levels to stay ahead.

    The VELUX values are the basis of our work. The set the direction and they provide the energy to go the extra mile. And they are particularly important to hold on to, when we are challenged.

    Our values are deeply rooted in our organisation and radiate from within. They cannot be invented - they either exist and are recognised by all employees or they are meaningless.




    Living our Values
    In five new films, 29 colleagues from 16 VELUX locations give examples and tell stories about the role of Our VELUX Values when they achieve, collaborate, create, engage and challenge in everyday worklife.

    Who we are - Challenging​

    Meet Julien from France, Miroslava from the Czech Republic, Vojko from Slovenia, Marko from Denmark, Li from China and Boudewijn from the Netherlands.

    Who we are - Engaging​

    Meet Zhao from China, Pia and Flemming from Denmark Robert from the Czech Republic, Stephan from the US and Natalia from Russia.




    Who we are – Creating​

    Meet Zsolt from Hungary, Per from Denmark, Sharon from Scotland, Frank from The Netherlands and Darrell from the US.

    Who we are – Collaborating​

    Meet Elena from Russia, Tamás from Hungary, Zhang from China, Tove and Leif from Denmark.




    Who we are – Achieving​

    Meet Roland from the US, Kseniya from Russia, Barbara from Slovenia, Petra and Robert from the Czech, Flemming from Denmark, Claire from Scotland, and Frank from Germany.








    I think it's important
    that ideas are alive
    and that they are
    coming from the

    Barbara Grilij, Barbara Grilj, Sales Assistant, Slovenia.










    It doesn’t matter whether
    we’re talking about values or technology. What’s important is that we go on working with things until we get the feeling that now I’ve understood it all.

    Leif D. Fiffer Hansen, Assembly Technical Support, Denmark.




    A good day at VELUX is when we have moved just one step in the
    right direction. If there are enough days like that, we will be getting somewhere.

    Flemming T. Vinding, Flemming T. Vinding, Quality Manager, Denmark


    I feel I have grown as a person and
    the biggest thing
    I have learned is
    to value other
    people’s opinions and consider the bigger picture.

    Claire Nicholson, Claire Nicholson, Team Manager, UK.


    My colleagues.
    They keep me going. It’s a good thing that we are all like family. It’s not just a work atmosphere. We can laugh and joke with each other but still get the job done safely. That’s what gets me through
    the day.

    Darrell Lewis, Material Resource Specialist, USA



    It’s fantastic to be in a job where you’re seldom in doubt that there is someone you can turn to for help, someone who can help you find an answer. You just have to pick up a phone and call someone in Hungary, Poland, Denmark or Germany. They
    are all happy to help.

    Tove Mikkelsen, Planning & Logistics, Denmark.





    What stimulates me is the fact
    that we are working with customers who are very demanding because our
    brand is so famous.

    Julien Rouschmeyer, Sales manager, France.


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