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    Corporate Responsibility.
    Being useful
    Striving to set a standard of excellence for business conduct has always been our ambition at the VELUX Group.
    As our Model Company Objective sets out, our primary concern is ‘to work with products that are useful to society’. Our approach to corporate responsibility is guided by the same principle.
    By producing sustainable solutions for buildings that create better indoor environments, reducing environmental impact and providing better health and well-being for people. By engaging respectfully with the people we work with; by giving back to the societies we do business in; and by working responsibly with the natural resources we all depend on.
    That’s what corporate responsibility at the VELUX Group is all about.
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    Historically low number of work accidents
    2013 was a record year for the VELUX Group when it comes to safety at work with fewer and less serious accidents than ever before. In 2013, we recorded 2.4 accidents per 1 million working hours and 0.3 lost-working-hours per 1,000 working hours due to accidents. This is a historically positive result, even though we did not meet our target. Our results of lost-working-hours were both below our target and our best result so far. Our long-term safety vision is to have zero accidents and incidents.

    Historically low number of work accidents

    VELUX roof windows can have a positive CO2 footprint
    In 2013, we made life cycle assessments of our core products in northern Europe. The life cycle assessments show that a VELUX roof window in many cases has a positive CO2 balance throughout its lifecycle. This means that the positive energy contribution of the roof window through passive solar gain during the use phase exceeds the energy consumption for production, distribution, installation and maintenance.

    CO2 emissions reduced by 19%
    We achieved a decrease in our CO2 emissions compared to last year and we have reduced our C02 emissions by 19% compared to our 2007 baseline. Our goal was a 20% reduction in 2012, so we are only one year behind our ambitions. We are still committed to our 2020-goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 50%. We intend to reach this goal by decreasing our own emissions by working further on improving our energy efficiency.


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    The VELUX Foundations. Giving back to society
    Each year, a share of the VELUX Group’s profits is returned to society through two non-profit foundations, the VELUX FOUNDATION and the VILLUM FOUNDATION. In 2013, the two foundations made 505 donations, totalling of €158 million

    In 1971, Villum Kann Rasmussen set up the VILLUM FOUNDATION . Its grants target natural science and technology research, awarding the Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award for Technical and Scientific Research each year. It also supports social, environmental and cultural projects.

    In 1981, Villum Kann Rasmussen supplemented The VILLUM FOUNDATION with the VELUX FOUNDATION . The primary purpose of this foundation is to support active elderly citizens, gerontological research, ophthalmological research and humanities research projects. However, the Foundation also supports major projects with cultural, social or artistic purposes.




    Example of donations from the VELUX Foundations


    Copenhagen International School on the way
    Donations from the VILLUM FOUNDATION and four other foundations make it possible to build a new school for 1,200 students.
    Learn more about donations and grants from the foundations:



    Example of ten social projects outside Denmark
    Ten examples of donations in previous years to social projects in Central and Eastern Europe and Greenland.

    Social projects outside Denmark


    Copenhagen University received grant for a new museum
    The 250 million DKK dotation from VILLUM FOUNDATION will be used to create the new Natural History Museum at the Botanic Gardens in Copenhagen.
    New natural history museum


    New school of design for children and youth
    Design Museum Denmark has received a grant of 10 million DKK from the VILLUM FOUNDATION to build a new sustainable building in the museum area.
    Find out more about Design Museum Denmark