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New generation

  New generation!
  Insulate your roof
  with daylight and fresh air
Graphic with text: Get more daylight, Get more comfort, Use less energy 
Illustration: Sun

Get more daylight

The new generation gives you up to 18% more daylight with the larger​ pane area.
Illustration: happy face in house

Get more comfort

The new generation gives you a more modern and attractive design with excellent ventilation and operation control.
Illustration: thermometer in house

Use less energy

The new generation gives you excellent energy efficiency with exceptional insulation and solar heat gain qualities.


The new generation of VELUX roof windows
look as good as they work

Fewer visible screws and a rounded finish give you a slim appearance and
attractive integration in the roof
Photo: Exterior roof window Photo: Rounded edges of an exterior window
Photo: Attractive integration of an exterior window with the roof Photo: Slim appearance of an exterior window  
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See the difference!

The larger pane area gives you up to 18% more daylight
for a better indoor climate
Image showing the difference between old and new generation windows



Control has never been so smart and good looking

The ergonomic new control bar features a background ventilation position
that lets fresh air in even with the window securily closed. Simply ingenious!
Illustration: Closed window

Closed window - no ventilation

Illustration: Background ventilation

Closed window - background ventilation
of room

Illustration: Open window

Open window - airing of room

Design delivers outstanding energy efficiency
The new VELUX roof windows give you daylight and fresh air, plus the
energy-saving benefits of superior insultation
Illustration: Thermo Technology for superior insulation


Clever engineering has resulted in a larger pane area and improved insulation while keeping the same outer dimensions for easy replacement and renovation of old roof windows.


Comprehensive use of high performance materials in the window construction have improved insulation and air tightness.


A home with excellent energy balance

The new generation of VELUX roof windows contribute positively to the energy balance of your home - even on a overcast day

Solar g​ain (g-value)

Illustration: Solar gain
Photo: light through window
Improved solar gain due to a larger pane area allows more solar heat in

Heat loss (U-value)

Illustration: Heat loss
Photo: roof covered with snow
Reduced heat loss due to extensive use of high performance insulation materials (VELUX Thermo Technology™)

Energy balance

Illustration: Energy balance    
A window's energy balance is the difference between the amount of heat from sunlight that the window transfers to your home and the amount of heat that escapes through the window. Ideally, the heat loss should be low, while heat gain is high


Improve your homes energy balance!
Activate your roof windows

We offer a wide range of interior and exterior sunscreening solutions and intelligent control to help you improve your indoor climate and save energy
Illustration: open window with blinds and remote sensor
Illustration: reduces heat

Reduces heat

External sunshading for exterior heat management
Illustration: improved insulation

Improved insulation

Internal sunshading for interior insulation at night
Illustration: remote sensor

Intelligent control

VELUX INTEGRA® for manual and automated control of indoor climate and energy balance


A new generation for the next generation

Our new VELUX INTEGRA® Control Pad makes it easier and faster to manage
electric VELUX products – and even other IO-homecontrol® devices
  • Illustration: sun over house

    Control everything

    Smart control of windows, blinds and shutters can improve comfort and save energy
  • Illustration: energy flow with clock

    Faster and easier

    The new VELUX INTEGRA® control pad makes it easier and faster to control your VELUX products
  • Illustration: thermometer and clock on house

    Built-in programs

    You can manage products remotely, or let the system do it for you via built-in programs
  • llustration: energy flow through the house      

    Energy balance

    The "Energy Balance" programme automatically optimises indoor climate and energy efficiency



Make excellent energy efficiency even better

Indoor comfort and energy efficiency can be improved even more by
adding an awning blind to dramatically reduce overheating during summer while
still allowing a view to the outdoors
Photo: exterior windoe with blind


Our windows always pass the ultimative test

In our test department, products are continuously exposed to a variety of tests to
ensure that our windows can withstand wind and water exposure, even under
extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes

Nobody tests the way
VELUX does

One reason why VELUX roof windows are so reliable is that we put them through every imaginable test before they have to pass the ultimate test - many years of use in your home

All testing work is completed
at our VELUX testing centre

Here each individual roof window is inspected. We make sure the window is properly sealed and insulated, in addition to the final-checking for flaws in the materials assembly
​Standard or recessed installation
VELUX New Generation roof windows offer two installation heights, standard or recessed.
The recessed installation provides a sleek, streamlined appearance, sitting 40 mm deeper in the roof structure, and provides architects with greater design flexibility.
For optimum insulation effect, the VELUX Group recommends recessed installations. When installed with the appropriate VELUX insulation collar, recessed installations results in saving more energy.
We offer a broad variety of flashings for different type of roof tiles. Remember to consult the instruction manual supplied with your flashing prior to setting out the roof for installation.

Standard installation
Recessed installation