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The new generation of roof windows


Insulate your roof with daylight

More light. More fresh air. Lower energy bills. The new generation energy efficient VELUX roof windows let the warmth from the sun in and keep it there. The new VELUX roof windows. They’re simply amazings.


Get more daylight
​With the new generation of VELUX roof windows you get more daylight and an improved influx of solar heat into your home.

  • Larger pane for 18% more daylight
  • Improved pane coating
  • Better indoor climate


Get more comfort​
The new generation of VELUX roof windows gives you a more modern and attractive design with excellent ventilation and operation control and comfort.

  • Ergonomic new control bar
  • Background ventilation for fresh air
  • Updated design - slimmer sash and frame
  • Perfect matching curtains and sunscreening
  • Intelligent and user-friendly new control pad


Use less energy
The new generation of VELUX roof windows gives you excellent energy efficiency with the new VELUX ThermoTechnology.

  • New high performing insulation material
  • Improved insulation and air tightness
  • Maximized effect of free solar heat gain
  • Excellent energy efficiency
Launch period
The new generation of VELUX roof windows was launched in Scandinavia in the spring of 2012, with other markets following from 2013 and onwards.
For more details about the launch of the new generation of VELUX roof window, please contact your local VELUX sales company.
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