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VELUX sun tunnel by Lovegrove

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Illuminate your home with natural daylight – in style. The VELUX sun tunnel by Lovegrove is a designer lamp that uses the sun as a bulb, making it a sustainable alternative to electric lighting. Award-winning industrial designer Ross Lovegrove played with organic forms to create a stunning design that’s exclusive to the VELUX sun tunnel.

Even on a cloudy winter day, a VELUX sun tunnel generates as much light as a traditional 60W electric bulb. Just think what it can do on a bright sunny afternoon! The VELUX sun tunnel by Lovegrove works to softly distribute natural light throughout your room, and allows you to adjust the light’s intensity and angle. A simple, stylish way to transform your space with daylight, the VELUX sun tunnel by Lovegrove has a classic yet creative design that integrates beautifully with any interior.

The VELUX sun tunnel by Lovegrove has already won a number of major design awards. It received a medal at BATIMAT 2009, and it is the recipient of the "red dot design award - best of the best 2010" award for the highest design quality.

It is all in the details
The VELUX sun tunnel by Lovegrove is made of a trim ring with a reflective bulb suspended by a thin wire. The ceiling ring and the bulb come in high-gloss lacquered ABS plastic for a clean, sophisticated look.

Installing a VELUX sun tunnel by Lovegrove is simple. If you already have a VELUX sun tunnel* in your home, all you need to do is buy this new daylight diffuser. Two screws secure the new trim ring to your VELUX sun tunnel.

* Applies to 14” sun tunnel model 2010E1.

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