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Need more time in your life?

Imagine your roof windows automatically letting in fresh air when you need it. Your blinds automatically lowering on a hot afternoon to keep your home comfortable. When leaving, you could close all your roof windows with a single touch. This, and much more, is possible with the VELUX INTEGRA® system, which is available at prices that may surprise you.


Air out with a single touch

Get more comfort with pre-scheduled programs

Secure your home when you’re out

Get to know the VELUX INTEGRA® family

The VELUX INTEGRA® system is a portfolio of mains- and solar-powered roof windows, blinds, shutters and accessories that make owning a VELUX window easier and more convenient. All products are easy to use and enjoy thanks to the elegant VELUX INTEGRA® control pad and its intuitive, icon-based interface and pre-defined programmes.

All of the products are based on secure io-homecontrol® technology
Electric and solar-powered roof windows
Electric and solar-powered roof windows
Electric and solar-powered flat roof windows
Electric and solar-powered flat roof windows
Electric and solar-powered blinds
Electric and solar-powered blinds
Electric and solar-powered blinds for flat roof
Electric and solar-powered blinds for flat roof
Electric and solar-powered roller shutters
Electric and solar-powered roller shutters
VELUX electric accessories

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8 Pre-defined programs

To relieve you of some of your daily routines and increase your indoor comfort, 8 useful programs are pre-defined and ready to use.

  • Indoor climate

    Indoor climate

    Frequent ventilation can significantly improve your indoor climate. This program lets fresh air enter through the ventilation flap for 15 minutes, 4 times a day – while the windows remain closed.
  • Ventilation


    Use this program whenever you want fresh air quickly without having to worry about closing the window. The window closes automatically after 15 minutes and, if it starts to rain, the rain sensor will activate the windows to close sooner.
  • Energy balance

    Energy balance

    Save energy all year. This program automatically activates your blinds, awnings and shutters, based on location and season, to insulate against the heat and the cold – saving energy for heating or cooling.
  • Sun screening

    Sun screening

    Prevent your home from overheating and your furniture from fading. This program activates VELUX sun screening products during the hottest hours of the day to keep heat out and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.
  • Good night

    Good night

    Create the best conditions for a good night’s sleep. The Good Night program opens the windows, and lets in fresh air for 15 minutes. After the windows close, blinds are automatically lowered and your room is perfect for sleeping. If VELUX frame lights are installed, the lights are dimmed and turned off automatically.
  • Good morning

    Good morning

    Start your day comfortably – let daylight be your alarm clock. Wake up to refreshing daylight and fresh air gradually through the window. You decide the time with the Good Morning program.
  • Leaving home

    Leaving home

    Close all windows with a single touch. Choose “Leaving home” when you go out to close all of your windows and secure your home.
  • On vacation

    On vacation

    Let VELUX INTEGRA® take care of your home while you are away. This program makes it look as if you were home by opening and closing blinds and shutters, and turning lights on and off automatically at different intervals.

VELUX INTEGRA is based on

What is io-homecontrol®?

io-homecontrol® is the language that VELUX INTEGRA® products use to talk to the remote control. Designed with comfort and security in mind, it’s one of the most advanced home automation solutions on the market today – backed by some of the best and brightest companies in the industry.

Is io-homecontrol®secure?

io-homecontrol® uses radio communication to transmit a command or information securely - creating a digital seal around your home. To use a real world example, the security level is comparable to the communication channels between an ATM and a bank.

Can I use my smartphone? 

You can control all your VELUX INTEGRA® products from a smart phone App or from a tablet or computer away from home. Thanks to the io-homecontrol® technology, you can easily use the TaHoma Connect Box from Somfy. Click here for more information.