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Maison Air et Lumiere

Comfort Energy Environment

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The vision has been to build a detached house with a positive energy balance and a neutral environmental impact, with the living conditions of the residents at the focal point. It was supposed to be a flexible, environmentally friendly home that focuses on the comfort and health of the family within. That is how the Maison Air et Lumière has been designed - based on a modular architectural concept of the pitched roof, enabling it to be adapted to different contexts depending on the house’s location, orientation and use. The house combines three volumes fitted into one another, a design that contributes to the quality and variety of the interior. The pitched roof is part of France’s cultural heritage. Roof pitches vary in steepness according to region and climate – and to meet the need for light and solar gain. This also allows a wide variety of interior spaces to suit personal preferences.

Architectural concept
Maison Air et Lumiere Architectural concept

The architecture of Maison Air et Lumière is adapted harmoniously to its site - revolves around natural light and ventilation. Carefully-positioned façade and roof windows bring in sunlight from all directions to bathe the interior with a balanced, natural glow. The windows also fill the space with fresh air to ensure a comfortable living environment all year long. The slope of the site is used to organise the floor levels, creating an intermediate level between the garden level and the upper floor. In addition to this integration to the site, the modular concept of the house allows adaptation to create variants to suit other contexts, such as terraced or urban houses.
Whether the house is small or large, in town or in the country, the flexibility of the concept enables the type and number of modules to be varied, making it possible to transpose the principles of comfortable living, energy efficiency and environmental quality of Maison Air et Lumière to a wide range of contexts.

The 130 m² floor area extends over one and a half storeys, with the spaces under the roof put to full use. Maison Air et Lumière, using a design principle that integrates architectural quality and energy efficiency, manages to place the emphasis on interior comfort whilst respecting the energy and environmental objectives for new detached houses for 2020.

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The house was designed by Nomade Architectes and developed in cooperation with the Cardonnel Ingénierie, E.T.H.A. and industrial partners Saint-Gobain, Aldes and Umicore (VM zinc).

WindowMaster and Sonnenkraft also contributed to the house as product partners. 

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