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Demonstration buildings

Home for Life, Denmark
A futuristic ‘energy machine’, Home for Life fuses comfort, energy efficiency and design.

Home for Life
Green Lighthouse, Denmark
The first public CO2-neutral building in Denmark, this building is home to the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Science. 

Green Lighthouse
OSRAM Culture Centre, Denmark
Old cultural centre gets daylight, fresh air and new energy.

OSRAM Culture Centre
The first Active house
in Russia

An eye-catching architectural piece, inspired by local traditions and contributes to energy efficiency and good living conditions.

Russian Active house
Sunlighthouse, Austria
Austria’s first carbon-neutral single-family house takes full advantage of the sun to ensure maximum daylight and solar energy.

LichtAktiv Haus, Germany
Turning a classic 1950s semi-detached house into a carbon-neutral home of the future.

LichtAktiv Haus
Future Active house, Norway
To create a house with both technology and atmosphere can serve as inspiration.

Future Active house
Solhuset, Denmark
Denmark’s most climate friendly childcare centre where children learn to live in.

Jadarhus, Norway
A class example of how a standard house can provide the best possible optimal energy consumption, indoor climate and functionality.

Maison Air et Lumière, France
A flexible, environmentally friendly home that focuses on the comfort and health of the family within.

Maison Air et Lumière
CarbonLight Homes, UK
These state-of-the-art buildings are the first homes designed and built to meet the UK government’s ‘zero carbon housing’ standard.

CarbonLight Homes
Smith Residence, USA
The First Active House in USA. The Smiths thought this type of home would be interesting.

Smith Residence
Great Gulf Active House, 
The fundamental qualitative aspects of the Great Gulf Active House are guided by natural daylight
and how it can soothe and otherwise improve our daily lives through an immersive experience.

Great Gulf
De Poorters van Montfoort, Netherlands 
The remodelling of the Poorterstraat houses has revitalised the design and upgraded the appearance of the buildings. But, most importantly, it has changed the lives of the residents.

De Poorters van Montfoort 
Endrup school, Denmark 
Climate Renovation. Improving the preschool learning environment with daylight and fresh air.

Endrup school
House by the Garden of Venus, Austria
A unique and exemplary Active House renovation, an extension of an historical building led to a “House on a House” concept. The building is an architectural gem, with the walls, ceilings and furniture conflating into a harmonious entity.
House by the garden of Venus
Langebjerg school, Denmark
The renovation of Langebjerg school was designed to solve the immediate problems of the roof but, most importantly, to prepare for future demands on education.

Langebjerg school
Healthy Home Townhouses
Active House settlement in Stjørdal, Norway
A home is the framework of daily life. It should create optimal living conditions at an affordable price. Healthy Home Townhouses in Stjørdal, Norway were designed and built as houses that offer beautiful design, a healthy indoor environment and minimal energy consumption.
Healthy Home Townhouses
zu-haus, Austria
A low-tech concept with high residential quality was successfully created.
One outstanding feature is the excellent craftsmanship, with architectural details realised to perfection.

TUEN, Denmark
Rebuilding a one-family home with roof windows. The main purpose of the rebuilding was to improve the indoor climate. The house is much warmer and rooms are much more useful now.


Examples of Sustainable Living in Buildings can be found around the world in many different scales, built or re-modelled according to the Active House or similar principles.

Our demonstration buildings are based on the Active House design principles.

The goal is for Active House to become the future design principle of new buildings and renovation, and an attractive solution to respond to the Nearly Zero Energy Building requirement.








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Demonstration buildings 

Demonstration buildings 


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