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    Excellent delivery service and the broadest product programme available 
    The VELUX Group has a long tradition for making its products easily available through a highly efficient global sales and distribution function. Our products are sold through most dealers of building materials and delivered through a finely-woven distribution network.

    This means that our entire product programme can be purchased through an extensive network of dealers and delivered to practically anywhere the customer wishes.
    Quality and service
    We ship more than 98% of deliveries on time and work with a number of professional logistics service providers to efficiently deliver VELUX products to customers.
    Our priorities for customer deliveries are:
    1. to deliver products of the right quality; and 
    2. to deliver products at the right place and time with agreed logistics services
    We know how important reliable supply is to our customers; we are committed to operational excellence and consistently provide our customers with a high level of service.
    Whether we deliver one parcel, one pallet or one truckful of goods, everything is carried out with the same meticulous attention to quality and service.

    Working with us
    We offer a wide range of delivery services, each of them tailored to suit customer needs and situations.
    We focus on collaboration and creating cost-effective logistics services to the benefit of both VELUX and its customers.
    Broad product programme
    To meet our customers’ needs, we have a very broad product programme, with thousands of different items available in our warehouses.
    By using a combination of central and local warehouses, we provide an excellent coverage for each market.
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