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Dream in the cool of the skies (VELUX Danmark)

It can be difficult to persuade children that it is bedtime when the sun is still high in the sky and it is warm and sticky indoors. With VELUX blackout blinds, you can screen out the sun under the sloping roof and cut down its heat.

Summertime is holiday time. We relax, enjoy the sun and take siestas - when we are allowed to. But the sun we long for can become a nuisance when it shines directly though a window or beats down on the roof. It can be difficult to take a midday nap when the bedroom is bright as day and hot as an oven.

Whilst the adults enjoy the long, light summer evenings, it can be difficult to get the children to sleep in a light room. Thankfully, it is a problem that is easily solved for those who have VELUX roof windows. With VELUX blackout blinds it is now possible to have a cool and dark bedroom under the sloping roof on even the hottest of summer days.

Cool room
The tight-fitting blinds prevent any light from passing into the room. Heat too is cut down. The aluminium coating on the reverse side has an insulating effect so that the room does not get so hot in summer and allows for energy savings in the winter.

To keep out heat it is best to reduce it before it even enters the house. This can be done with the help of VELUX awning blinds that are fitted externally and give an easy and effective form of heat control as they prevent the rays of the sun from reaching the window pane.

VELUX sun screening products can be bought at do-it-yourself stores, curtaining shops and timber merchants and at www.VELUXshop.dk. Here you can get an idea of colours and patterns and the many other possibilities for sun screening and decoration that VELUX has to offer. 

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