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The VELUX Group joins Green Growth Leaders

As a major contributor to the campaign for sustainable development, the VELUX Group is joining the independent initiative Green Growth Leaders as strategic partner.

​Founded by the Scandinavian think-tank Monday Morning, Green Growth Leaders is based on a global alliance of cities, regions, countries and corporations sharing a vision of building prosperous, green economies and communities - and a better tomorrow for citizens of the world.

The initiative addresses the global need for green growth by documenting the state of the green economy and identifying its potential and benefits.

The partnership is a natural continuation of the VELUX Group’s earlier involvement in Nordic Climate Solutions and World Climate Solution, and its sponsorship of the COP 15 climate conference in Copenhagen in 2009.
 “Shaping green growth is about creating new opportunities, not only for businesses such as ours but also for citizens and countries. Besides the obvious climate benefits, green growth is attractive because it will enhance people’s quality of life,” says Michael Rasmussen, CMO of the VELUX Group.
“One of our Group’s strategies is to create sustainable living in buildings, which means that both the climate and the people who live, work and play in these buildings will benefit. That’s why we want to ensure that buildings are part of the global movement for a sustain-able future. We push for future buildings to be CO2 neutral and at the same time offer the best conditions of a healthy indoor climate with plenty of daylight and fresh air,” says Michael Rasmussen.
In the western world, we spend 90% of our time indoors, in buildings that account for 40% of our total energy consumption; and 30% of those buildings do not provide a healthy indoor climate. The VELUX Group is setting an example by experimenting with full-scale buildings that utilise the free energy of the sun, and creating CO2-neutral houses with high liveability.
 “Green Growth is becoming a differentiator both in business and in society as a whole. It is of immense importance to look beyond daily business and maintain a sustainable vision for the future, not least in times of financial turmoil,” says Michael Rasmussen.
The aim of Green Growth Leaders is to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable econ-omy. With this purpose hundreds of experts meet at an annual conference, Take Lead, to examine the prospects for green growth. In 2011, the conference will take place in Copen-hagen on 12-13 October. Based on the output from eight workshops on the first day, the figurehead of the initiative, 30 high-level thought leaders forming Green Growth Council, will discuss and present to the public a vision and way for a new sustainable economy. Mi-chael Rasmussen represents the VELUX Group in the council.
About the VELUX Group
The VELUX Group creates better living environments with daylight and fresh air through the roof. The VELUX product programme contains a wide range of roof windows and skylights, along with solutions for flat roofs. The Group also supplies many types of decoration and sun screening, roller shutters, installation products, products for remote control and thermal solar panels for installation in roofs. The VELUX Group, which has manufacturing companies in 11 countries and sales companies in just under 40 countries, represents one of the strongest brands in the global building materials sector and its products are sold in most parts of the world. The VELUX Group has about 10,000 employees and is owned by VKR Holding A/S, a limited company wholly owned by foundations and family. For more details, visit www.velux.com.
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Caption: Green Lighthouse is the first CO2 neutral public building in Denmark and is a beacon for sustainable building technology.
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Photo credit: Adam Mørk

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