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Now there is an electric version of the roof window (VELUX Danmark)

VELUX is now launching the world's first all-in-one electric window. The new VELUX INTEGRA window offers optimum comfort and best possible utilisation of attics and loft rooms.
Most people know wireless technology from TV, video and stereo. In future, we shall also benefit from wireless technology for the roof window. Danish VELUX has just launched an intelligent window that provides completely new possibilities in the home. Roof windows are an obvious candidate for wireless technology. Today, many people want not just one roof window in their attic but to create a room with atelier light by inserting many roof windows in one and the same room. And since we place the windows not just beside each other, but also on top of each other and right up at the ridge of the roof, it is obvious to think about remote control. Whether the roof window is placed two or five metres up, one can send a signal to it with the remote control. In houses with low-pitched roofs, where it may be a bit dark, INTEGRA can easily be used as a light source.

In the summertime one can dampen the sunlight with a blind, and at night one can close the blind completely - even if the window is right up at the top of the roof. If there are many windows they can all be opened and closed at the same time with the remote control.

Concealed technology
The new electric roof window is in a modern design similar to that of the classic roof window. The concealed technology consists of a motor, an electronic control system, an infrared receiver and a rain sensor. The window is designed to carry out all functions electronically. If one activates the rain sensor, the window is programmed to close by itself if it starts raining.

Once VELUX INTEGRA is connected to a socket it can be operated with the wireless remote control. "An electric blind or Venetian blind and an electric sunblind or roller shutter can easily be connected directly to INTEGRA without additional wiring. The window accessories in question are operated with the INTEGRA window's remote control.". All blinds can, of course, be operated manually in the usual way.
VELUX INTEGRA is available in laminated wood with a polyurethane coating that makes the sash and frame maintenance-free. The maintenance-free model is white, but VELUX INTEGRA is also available in wood, in a varnished and a white-painted version.

For more information please contact:
Niels Henrik Findsen, General Manager
VELUX Danmark A/S, tel. +45 45 16 45 16