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Natural Light

An international
design competition

The Natural Light project started as an international design competition in November 2014.

The Natural Light – International Design Competition was launched by Little Sun and the VELUX Group to challenge students to push boundaries, share dreams and design future solutions providing people all over the world with sustainable energy and light.

Initiated as part of VKR Holding’s upcoming 75th anniversary, the competition celebrates natural light as an affordable and sustainable solution to essential global challenges, while promoting innovation, creativity and technology serving a greater purpose.

Kicked off November 2014
In November 2014, design students from around the world were invited to create a design for a special edition solar lamp for the VELUX Group and Little Sun in honor of VKR’s 75th anniversary.

The winning design should address the need for light, particularly in off-grid African regions, and be powered by Little Sun’s proven high standard of technology. 

29,000 units of the new solar lamp will be produced.

Winning design an Argentinian model
Out of the 172 submissions for the design competition, Argentinian Ms. Mariana Arando and Mr. Luca Fondello have created the winning design.

The two designers were motivated to join the design competition to help and empower people that do not have electricity and saw an opportunity to help many families in Africa, where light is a scare resource.

At the heart of the winning lamp is a simple, poetic idea that fulfils all the competition’s criteria. In terms of design, functionality, and name, it tells a captivating story, beautifully presented, about light’s ability to connect a community or family and create social spaces

Artist and head of Natural Light jury, Olafur Eliasson

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