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Buildings impact
health and economy

Buildings are a major influencer on our health. We live and work 90% of our time in buildings. Around 80 million of Europeans currently live in damp or mouldy dwellings, and this poses a major challenge to the health and economies of the Europeans.

Unhealthy buildings are expensive to society

The European economy not only benefits from healthy Europeans due to good indoor climate; healthy buildings are also more energy efficient. The consequences to societies are huge when large numbers of Europeans live in unhealthy buildings. Mould and damp nearly doubles the risk of developing asthma and allergy. Sick leave, treatment and lost productivity due to minor illnesses such as nose and throat infections and colds are costly to the European economies to the extent that productivity is up to 15% higher if the indoor environment has adequate daylight, temperature and daylight.

Unlocking private investment is key

Buildings currently account for 40% of EU’s primary energy use. Moreover, private home owners own 70% of the building stock, so unlocking private investment is necessary to achieve a more energy efficient building stock in Europe. The Healthy Homes Barometer 2016 shows that Europeans are ready to invest in their homes: 50% of the Europeans have made changes to their home within the last five years, and 31% of European home-owners see a need for renovation of their home. This number is even higher for Eastern Europeans, as 40% say their home is in need of renovation [LINK TIL HEALTHY HOMES BAROMETER?]

Energy poverty is fatal for Europeans

45% of Europeans keep temperatures too low in order to save money. This is costly in terms of health. Deaths from cardiovascular diseases are directly linked to excessively low indoor temperatures. Research from 11 Europeans countries has estimated that almost 13 out of every 100.000 inhabitants die every year due to cold homes; the so-called energy poverty . An estimated 54 million Europeans suffer from energy poverty, according to an European analysis.


of our time is spent indoors


Increase of productivity at work with healthy indoor climate


of the buildings stock is owned by private homeowners

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