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Daylight & Architecture magazine

Views on daylight in architecture

Views on daylight in architecture

D/A magazine presents news and views about daylight in architecture. In 2012 D/A won silver in the 'Best of Corporate Publishing' Award, and gold in the Swedish award, Guldbladet. Daylight & Architecture is published twice a year by the VELUX Group.

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D/A #25: Night towards day

This issue of Daylight/Architecture celebrates natural light − prioritising better living environments for people and our earths’ ecosystems with daylight, twilight and moonlight.

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A passion for daylight, fresh air and quality of life

Since the VELUX Group started in 1941, the importance of daylight in architecture and people’s quality of life has been a cornerstone of our strategy.
Our business is closely linked to building design, with the overall objective of focusing on daylight and fresh air as providers of better living conditions in people’s everyday lives.
This objective is also the platform from which we present Daylight/Architecture.

In the magazine we raise topics and present views and angles about the past, present and future of architecture with daylight and fresh air.

Dialogue about daylight in architecture between professionals 

The aim of the D/A magazine is to provide a platform for communication between professionals and thereby inspire and facilitate the discourse on architecture, especially daylight.

Award winning magazine

The D/A magazine has received these awards:

  • 2013: German Architects’ Darling award
  • 2012: Best of Corporate Publishing award (Silver)
  • 2012: Swedish award, Guldbladet (Gold) 
  • 2010: Best of Corporate Publishing Award.



Daylight has great impact on our health and happiness. It enriches our everyday lives with sensual pleasure. In fact daylight matters to all of us. The current issue of Daylight/Architecture discusses the vital importance of natural light from a variety of viewpoints.

In his essay, Juhani Pallasmaa describes how daylight interacts with our senses, and how great architects have harnessed this interplay to create memorable spaces, where light almost becomes a material of its own. Read more(link til atiklen) The impact of daylight on our health and wellbeing is discussed by Deborah Burnett in her article. She gives an update on recent research, that has found more pathways through which light exposure influences our sleep/wake cycles, hormone production, performance and alertness levels. Peter Holzer argues in his article, that designers should take the long-term health effects of buildings into account. This would imply allowing much more daylight in buildings. Read more (link til artikel).

The magazine features four buildings as examples of the interplay of light, human health and wellbeing. Photographers Adam Mørk and Daniel Blaufuks seek to capture the magic that natural light gives to the building’s atmospheres and does to the bodies and minds of people living, working and learning in buildings.

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