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VELUX 75 years

Daylight through windows inspires
artists worldwide

In 2016, the VELUX Group celebrates its 75th anniversary. To mark this important milestone, the VELUX Group ran an international painting competition, where artist were asked to express the importance of light in buildings

For 75 years, the VELUX Group has used daylight and fresh air to create products that improve living environments all over the world.

So, what does art have to do with daylight? You might ask. Well, quite a lot actually. Artists have always been inspired by effects of light changes throughout the day or over the year. In 2016, the VKR Group will celebrate its 75th anniversary with a wide range of exciting activities.

One of the most eye-catching was the international painting competition that collated works of art from no fewer than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and North and South America.The artists had to express the importance of windows to buildings, with special attention to light through the roof or façade.

The jury

A jury, comprising of professional art connoisseurs and VELUX and VKR Holding representatives, has chosen the three winners of the VKR Group’s international painting competition, along with nine other works which will feature in a 75th anniversary memorial calendar.

The jury members from left are: gallery owner, Mikael Andersen, daughter of the VELUX Group founder, Aino Kann Rasmussen art historian, Nanna Bruun (chairman), VKR Holding company historian, Troels Rasmussen, representative of the VELUX Art Association Morten Møller and VELUX A/S Chief Marketing Director, Michael K. Rasmussen.

First, second and third place in the painting competition were awarded to Eva Navarro from Spain, Shuwen Yang from China and Ruben Monakhov from Russia, at the VKR Group's official 75th anniversary celebrations.

Painting Competition

Winner of first prize

The winner of first prize, Eva Navarro from Spain, has worked masterfully with light, shade and sensuality. The viewer is brought close to a person sitting in a chair, reading in subdued, yet bright, lighting from above. The scene is credible and convincing, with exquisite technical detail, all of which combine to make this work the clear winner of the competition.

Winner of second prize

Shuwen Yang from China has created a fascinating urban landscape with countless tiny details included in this work. The whole scene is bathed in powerful sunlight that has coloured the sky completely orange, transforming it into a warm, weighty duvet over the landscape. The narrative of city life is simultaneously vibrant and dramatic.

Winner of third prize

Ruben Monakhov from Russia has created an interior inspired by the French impressionists yet still with its own artistic idiom, interesting light and fine interplay of light and shade. Voyeur-like, the viewer is looking through a window at a young woman sitting almost completely naked in front of her dress. The subject is bold and executed with a safe hand and great imagination.

A long process of elimination

June 2015


The VKR Group’s 75th Anniversary painting competition began in 2015, when VELUX sales and production companies from 20 countries were asked to nominate three potential competitors among local artists.

August 2015


The candidates’ works were sent for appraisal by a central jury appointed by VKR Holding who eliminated all except the final 20 artists who would take part in the competition.

See the video from the jury meeting here

September 2015


In early September 2015, the selected artists were commissioned to complete, within five months, a painting for the competition. The central theme had already been decided on.“The work should express the importance of the window to buildings, with particular emphasis on light through the roof or facade”.

March 2016


On 9th March 2016, the jury convened to view the 20 works submitted. After thorough perusal and debate prior to voting, first, second and third places were named and nine other works chosen for a special 75th Anniversary memorial calendar.

See the video from the jury meeting here

April 2016

 The winners are announced via press announcement and social media

Where can I see the paintings?

On display and on tour

All paintings submitted to the VKR75 painting competition will be sent on tour to a number of companies in the Group.

Virtual exhibition

If you would like to experience the 20 paintings but cannot visit the physical exhibition, you can visit a virtual exhibition on the website of the VILLUM Window Collection at www.villumwindowcollection.com

For more information

For general information about the competition, and where and when the paintings can be seen, contact Troels Rasmussen on tel: +45 61556920 or via email trr@vkr-holding.com.

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