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Natural Light

Powering off-grid regions with light in the night

Handheld solar powered lamps are now bringing light to off-grid regions in Africa. Zambians are now enjoying the benefits of light also after the sun has set, enabling school kids to study in the evenings.

One woman is particularly fond of her lamp. Midwife and nurse at the local health clinic in Central PU, Bertha Musonda has been able to replace her mobile phone as light source when helping women giving birth at night.

She regards the spread of solar lamps as an important step forwards in the work towards eradicating paraffin lamps, which are both a health risk and a fire risk.

”We see so many patients here at the clinic presenting with serious burns from paraffin lamps or being poisoned by them. Sometimes the lamps have just fallen over or the children have come into contact with them. We also see many burns as a result of people falling asleep whilst their lamps are still lit,” says nurse Musonda

Bertha Musonda’s work as a nurse and midwife has also become much easier with the Natural Light solar powered lamp.

When it comes to births in the evening or night, the solar lamp makes all the difference. I used to work by the light of my mobile phone. I held it between my teeth so I had both hands free to help the child into the world. And that was quite difficult if you had to talk to the mother at the same time,

Midwife in Central PU, Bertha Musonda

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