CSR and Sustainability

The VELUX Group operates
a global supply network

The VELUX Group operates a global sales, service and manufacturing network and has an extensive distribution network, making our products easily accessible.

The VELUX Group wants to work with suppliers who share our commitment to responsible business practices. We form long-term partnerships, communicate our requirements through our Code of Conduct for Suppliers, and monitor compliance through audits and assessments.

Code of Conduct for Suppliers
All of our product-related direct suppliers are required to sign our Code of Conduct for Suppliers, which is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the core labour conventions of the International Labour Organization.

Scope of Code of Conduct for Suppliers
The VELUX Group’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers involves three main issues:

  • Employee conditions: specific requirements such as standards for healthy working environment, treatment of workers within applicable legal and non-discrimination policies 

  • Environment: all suppliers must have a written environmental policy or statement 

  • Monitoring: the VELUX Group reserves the right to monitor our suppliers to assess their compliance with our Code of Conduct

We have an audit programme that helps us monitor suppliers’ compliance with our Code of Conduct, while also helping supplier companies to improve their processes and management systems.

Learn more:

Code of Conduct for Suppliers (pdf)

Wood certification

The VELUX Group recognises the importance of sustainable forest management as part of our efforts to protect the environment, ensure biodiversity, tackle climate change, and protect the rights of communities living around forests. That’s why all of our wood is sourced from certified or controlled sources.

Corporate Responsibility


The VELUX Group has an extensive distribution network, making our products easily accessible.

The VELUX Group has a long tradition for making its products easily available through a highly efficient global sales and distribution function. Our products are sold through most dealers of building materials and delivered through a finely-woven distribution network.

By using a combination of central and local warehouses, we provide an excellent coverage for each of our markets. This means that our entire product programme can be delivered to almost anywhere the customer wishes.

Quality and service
We ship more than 98% of deliveries on time and work with a number of professional logistics service providers to efficiently deliver VELUX products to customers.

Our priorities for customer deliveries are:
  1. To deliver products of the right quality; and to deliver products at the right place and time with agreed logistics services.
  2. We know how important reliable supply is to our customers; we are committed to operational excellence and consistently provide our customers with a high level of service. 

Whether we deliver one parcel, one pallet or a truckful of goods, everything is carried out with the same meticulous attention to quality and service.

Working with us
We offer a wide range of delivery services, each of them tailored to suit customer needs and situations.

We focus on collaboration and cost-effective logistics services to the benefit of both our company and our customers.

We seek mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers based on clear and consistent purchasing principles.


Purchasing principles
Our procurement principles define our interaction with suppliers. As a Model Company we:

  • work with our suppliers to secure continuous improvement of the procurement process and business methods 

  • deal fairly and honestly with all suppliers in all aspects of the procurement process 

  • keep negotiations between the supplier and the VELUX Group strictly confidential and we do not disclose prices or quotations received from suppliers, whether written or verbal 

  • respond promptly to supplier correspondence and inquiries 

  • seek suppliers who can deliver consistently high-quality goods and services in line with the VELUX standard in terms of environment, sustainability and safe production methods

Download terms of purchase (PDF)

VELUX Code of Conduct (PDF)

Quality requirements

We want to work towards zero defects and it is our belief that quality of raw materials is best secured at our suppliers.

Based on our quality requirements, our suppliers are expected to implement quality system activities to ensure ongoing quality planning, control and improvement.

We want to work preventively and we strive to move all aspects of quality control and inspection as far up-stream as possible. Therefore, the VELUX Group expects our suppliers to work towards failure prevention.

VELUX general quality requirements​ (docx)

VELUX 8D report for suppliers​ (Zip)

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