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Daylight & Architecture

Presentations from Daylight Symposium released

The 7th edition of the Daylight Symposium took place in Berlin this May, focusing on the use of daylight in building design and its value creation for people and society. 39 speakers from around the world shared their latest research and architectural practices, all presentations are now released and can be watched at The Daylight Site.

The topic of this year’s Daylight Symposium was “Healthy & Climate-Friendly Architecture – from knowledge to practice”. 

Spanning a multiplicity of approaches and findings, from how light can stimulate our senses and productivity to how daylight can be a driving force in developing architecture, the leading architects, researchers and building professionals gathered at the legendary site, Café Moskau, for two days to feature their latest tools and practices. 

The speakers included among others: 

  • Anne Lacaton, Lacaton & Vassal (France)
  • Stefan Behnisch, Behnisch Architekten (Germany)
  • Jakob Strømann-Andersen, Henning Larsen Architects (Denmark)
  • Christoph Reinhart, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)
  • Marilyne Andersen, École Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (Switzerland)

 All presentations, in their full length, and a highlight video are now available at The Daylight Site

Watch the highlight video from the symposium:


The potential of Virtual Reality in architectural practice 
The new “guy in the field” was virtual reality simulations as a way to explore space. Participants were invited to put on a pair of VR googles and experience an immersive feeling of light and space. Read the full wrap-up here.  

Watch how virtual reality can expand your sense of space:


An international forum
Since 2005, the Daylight Symposium has grown into a leading international forum where architects, researchers and experts meet to exchange knowledge, experience and views on daylight and architecture.

The Daylight Symposium has been held as a biennial event from its launch in Budapest and since then has advanced the dialogue on daylight research and practice through events in Bilbao, Rotterdam, Lausanne, Copenhagen and London.

For further more see The Daylight Site and to join the conversation on Twitter follow @TheDaylightSite.

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