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Natural Light

Light and handballs for children in Malawi

2,000 children at different schools in the district Dziwe, Malawi learned to play handball, and were also given 600 Natural Light lamps so they can read and do their homework after dark.

90% of Malawi's population has no electricity, and Natural Light solar-powered lamps aim to provide light to off-grid communities. At the VELUX EHF FINAL4 2016 handball tournament, spectators could enter a competition in front of the handball arena and donate a Natural Light lamp to Africa. A total of 2,405 lamps were donated as part of VELUX's continuing Natural Light project.

We are very grateful that we are one of the school receiving these solar lamps. We have no access to electricity and the same is true for most of our students where they are living. It’s a huge problem in terms of doing the homework and also to have classes in the late afternoon. And thanks for teaching us to play handball!

Says Sylvester Muyaya, head teacher at Dziwe Primary School.

Facts about Natural Light:

Today 1.2 billion

people around the world do not have access to electricity. The VELUX Group and the social business Little Sun are collaborating to help.


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