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Natural Light

Natural light: from SMUK Fest to off-grid Africa

The music festival, SMUK Fest, held in Denmark attracts thousands of people every year. At this year’s edition, the VELUX Group set up a Natural Light stand to sell solar lamps for those living in tents throughout the week. For every solar lamp sold, one is donated to off-grid communities in Africa.

In 2015, the VELUX Group launched in collaboration with Little Sun the Natural Light project to bring natural light to off-grid areas in Africa, where access to electricity is absent or even dangerous. The project has enabled nurses to do their jobs properly at night and for children to do their homework after sunset.

Delivering natural light from SMUK FEST
At this year’s SMUK Fest, a five-day music festival attended by more than 60.000 people and taking place in a beech forest close to the town of Skanderborg in Denmark, festivalgoers could meet project representatives at the Natural Light stand and buy a solar lamp, thereby increasing the number of lamps donated to off-grid regions in Africa.

“Every time we sell a lamp here, we donate one to Africa. SMUK Fest is a great place to be, as people live in tents for five days and don’t have access to electric light. By buying one to light up their tent in the night, they are donating one to off-grid African communities at the same time,” explains project manager at the VELUX Group Carina Skovsmøller, who represented the Natural Light project at SMUK Fest.

The stand included various initiatives to be more engaging, such as handwritten messages for those who will receive the donated lamps in Africa.

When people bought a lamp, we invited them to write a short greeting, which we will include in every lamp box to be send to Africa. Our main ambition is to be as engaging to grow the number of donations.

says Carina Skovmøller

Until now, the project has provided 30,000 solar lamps to people living in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and Malawi.

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