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Code of Conduct for Employees

Code of Conduct for employees

In the VELUX Group, we are firmly committed to doing our business lawfully and ethically. Every day, we strive to live up to our Model Company objective, treating our customers, colleagues and surroundings a little bit better than others. Sometimes, however, an objective is not enough to know how to maneuver and behave exemplary in a complex organization and surrounding.

The VELUX Code of Conduct is our compass when we are in doubt of our own, managers’ or colleagues’ behavior and actions. The VELUX Code of Conduct builds on the 10 principles of UN Global Compact and our VELUX Values and serves as a guide to make the right choices. It describes the main principles of ethical behavior and our expectations towards all VELUX employees within the following areas: Human and Labor Rights, Anti-Corruption and Business Ethics, Climate and Environment, Health and Safety, Information and Data Protection.

If you experience or suspect a behavior to be illegal and/or violating our policies or Code of Conduct, you can report it to a manager or HR. If you do not feel confident doing this you can report the issue through the external whistle-blower portal where you can choose to be anonymous.

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