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CSR and Sustainability

Creating a better living environment for all

Creating a better living environment for all 

At the VELUX Group, we have made it our core business to create healthy and sustainable buildings. We put people first in developing new building concepts. With our products and solutions, we want to create bright, healthy and efficient buildings for people to live, work, learn and play in.

Buildings are key elements in solving the global challenges of health, resource scarcity and climate change. People in the developed world typically spend 90% of their time inside buildings. In Europe alone, 84 million people live in damp and unhealthy buildings, while 30 million people suffer from lack of daylight.

That is why we are committed to pioneering innovative building solutions that balance care for people and care for the planet. Through several full-scale experiments based on the Active House principles, the VELUX Group has demonstrated that we can develop carbon-neutral buildings with a comfortable indoor climate offering plenty of daylight and fresh air. In 2016, five of the VELUX Active Houses achieved the Active House Label to confirm that they live up to the criteria set up by the Active House Alliance:

  • Comfort: the building should provide an indoor living environment that supports the health and comfort of its occupants
  • Energy: the building achieves high levels of energy efficiency
  • Environment: the building has a minimal impact on the environment

RenovActive – a showcase of affordable and sustainable renovation

To discover healthy, energy-efficient and affordable building concepts, we have implemented the ‘RenovActive’ project – ‘Renov’ for Renovation and ‘Active’ for Active House. Its aim was to create homes with a good indoor climate and high energy performance, which would be within a budget of a social housing association and based on existing technologies and materials. In May 2017, the first renters move into the home located in Anderlecht, Belgium. In the coming years, the social housing association, Le Foyer Anderlechtois, that owns the home plans to carry out 86 similar renovation projects.

Read more about RenovActive

​VELUX Active House kindergarten

​In Cologne, Germany, we cooperated with a local developer and a kindergarten to bring fresh and daylight into the everyday life of the next generation. Through a intimate partnership we created the best possible environment for the children of the kindergarten to play and learn in. With our solutions we turned the house, which was previously a passive house, into an Active House for the benefit of the children, those who work there and the environment.

See more in the video below.

What is a healthy home? – we have asked homeowners

To shed more light on the quality of life inside buildings, the VELUX Group carries out the Healthy Home Barometer survey among 14,000 Europeans in 14 countries. We asked the homeowners what do they consider a healthy home, how do they want to live, and what are their primary priorities in creating a comfortable home? The results of the survey are shared with external stakeholders and used to guide further development of healthy and sustainable buildings.

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