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CSR and Sustainability

Sustainable products - from cradle to grave

For more than a decade, climate changes and CO2 emissions have been high on the agenda – and still are. But today, a lot of other sustainability parameters like the use of natural resources and challenges with growing amounts of waste have also entered the discussions of what a sustainable product really is. In the light of this development, we - as a leading producer of roof windows - have to ask ourselves: how can we best contribute to sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of our products?

The new tool for environmental product evaluation will be tested and implemented during 2018.

It all starts in the product development. With the new tool for environmental evaluation, our engineers can design for instance a new roof window that fulfills specific goals for carbon footprint, use of sustainable and recyclable materials, energy balance and chemical emissions in every step of the life cycle from cradle to grave. In this way we can constantly improve the sustainability of our products.

Jakob Thaysen Rørbech, Product Sustainability Expert

We want to provide our customers with sustainable products that do not contaminate or deplete natural sources unnecessarily. When our customers buy a VELUX window, they should know that they have made a sustainable choice. We have already come a long way in doing this, but the new tool allows us to add new dimensions to the sustainability work.

Jakob Thaysen Rørbech, Product Sustainability Expert
The new tool for environmental product takes into account:
  • Carbon footprint, reducing CO2 emissions during the entire life cycle
  • Energy balance, taking maximum advantage of sunshine through the window pane
  • Sustainable sourcing, replacing fossil resources with renewables, using recycled materials instead of new materials, using only certified wood
  • End-of-life recyclability and recoverability, ensuring that our products can be disassembled and the materials reused in the best possible way.
  • Chemical emissions during use, eliminating chemical emissions from materials used in the windows
New dimensions will be added to the tool over time.

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