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CSR and Sustainability

Taking care of the wood we use in VELUX products

The best way to cut down on waste is to use less timber in the first place. This is the philosophy at the VELUX production sites that produce millions of roof windows every year.

We do a great deal to reduce our wood waste. It all starts at the suppliers who must send us timber of the right quality. Then it is our responsibility to programme the scanners and position the cameras so that we get the most out of every piece of timber. We make sure that the whole team is fully trained and given all the new knowledge we gather in our continuous efforts to improve.

Lajos Egervölgyi, Timber Optimisation Expert, VELUX LKR-H factory in Hungary
As with people, no two pieces of timber are exactly alike. The beautiful surface of the timber may hide knots, resin pockets or other physical damage that limit the use of the wood. The scanner decides what every piece of timber can be used for – frame or sash, top or bottom, white-painted or natural wood colour or maybe even a smaller window.

We currently operate with about 18% waste – but we believe we can reduce that even more. Scanners see what humans can’t. But if there is still a knot in a piece of wood that doesn’t mean it ends up on the scrap heap. We might be able to use it in a part that is not visible. The funny thing is that laminated wood can be even stronger than just a plain piece of wood.

Per Laursen, Factory Manager, Skærbæk, Denmark

The process of wood optimisation never stops. It is an on-going effort at all production sites working with wood cutting and preparation.

We used to scrap some 24 cubic metres of wood every week because of minor defects in the lengths of timber we cut and laminate. Now much of that scrap wood is used to make other window parts and that saves millions.

Mariuz Plewa, Timber Specialist, NB Polska

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