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CSR and Sustainability

VELUX Vision Zero - new safety initiative for supply

A new safety leadership campaign ‘VELUX Vision Zero’ is launched to boost work safety at VELUX factories and warehouses. This comes after a couple of years with stagnating safety performance.

We want to revive the attention to safety in a new safety leadership campaign in our supply organization. The Vision Zero campaign provides seven golden rules to safety, all simple, clear and easy to implement for managers and their teams.

Kim Jonas, Senior Manager, Global Health, Safety & Environment
The campaign kicks off in 2018 with mandatory training of 600 managers in the use of the following seven safety rules: 
  1. Take leadership guiding leaders and managers to demonstrate visible safety leadership in the organisation.
  2. Identify hazards providing routines to identify and control risks in the work environment before anything happens that may jeopardise safety.
  3. Define targets instructing leaders to set up and renew safety targets and safety programmes to maintain high focus on safety.
  4. Ensure a safe and healthy system directing focus to the importance of having a strong safety organisation and procedures in place.
  5. Ensure safety and health in the daily work advising how to optimise safety around machines, equipment and workplaces.
  6. Improve qualifications ensuring that all employees get appropriate training to maintain a strong safety culture.
  7. Invest in people inviting and motivating employees to participate in the continuous improvement of safety.

Our safety rules are inspired by a guideline published by the International Social Security Association (ISSA), which has asked 2,000 global companies to define excellent safety leadership. The 7 golden rules framework fits very well with the VELUX Safety Excellence approach that we have worked with for the past seven years

Kim Jonas, Senior Manager Global Health, Safety & Environment

Safety at the VELUX Group

Vision: Zero accidents – to be achieved by building a resilient health and safety culture and by continuous focus on safety risk management.

Performance in 2017: 2.5 work-related accidents per one million work hours.

The VELUX Group applies the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System at all production sites.

We pay attention to even the smallest risk factor. If we don’t do this every day, the risks pile up and may eventually end in an accident. Achieving 3000 days without accidents is a result of the employees’ engagement in finding the risks and solving them together with the management

Tom Jørgensen, Warehouse Manager, Kolding, Denmark

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