Code of Conduct for Employees

In 2017, the VELUX Group prepared a new Code of Conduct for Employees and a new whistle-blower system. 

Strategy and goals

The new VELUX Code of Conduct for Employees outlines the main principles of ethical behaviour and serves as a guideline to making business decisions and solving ethical dilemmas.

A new whistle-blower system ensures that non-ethical behaviour can be identified, reported and acted on.


The Code of Conduct for Employees governs our business in the following areas, supporting the ten principles of the UN Global Compact:

  • Protection of human rights and labour rights
  • Provision of safe and healthy working conditions
  • Prevention of corruption 
  • Protection of personal and company data

In 2017, we also prepared a new whistle-blower system. The system is designed as a secure hotline, operated by an external partner, where employees can report issues relating to illegal or unethical business behaviour.  

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Next steps

In 2018, the Code of Conduct for Employees and the whistle-blower system will be rolled out in the global organisation.