Code of Conduct for Suppliers

We work with suppliers who share our commitment to responsible business practices. In 2017, 99% of VELUX suppliers signed the VELUX Code of Conduct.

Policy and Goals

Compliance with the VELUX Code of Conduct is mandatory when doing business with the VELUX Group. Supporting high standards of labour, environment, human rights and anti-corruption is an integral part of the VELUX way of doing business founded in our Model Company Objective.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct for Suppliers is to make sure that all VELUX products and services are developed and manufactured in a responsible way throughout the entire supply chain. The Code of Conduct is built on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and outlines our expectations to suppliers. 

The VELUX Code of Conduct for Suppliers covers the following areas:

  • Climate and environment
  • Human rights and working conditions
  • Health and safety
  • Anti-corruption
  • Information and data

The goal is for all product-related suppliers to have signed the VELUX Code of Conduct. 

We expect our suppliers to share the VELUX Code of Conduct with sub-suppliers so that it is enforced throughout the supply chain. 


  • Implementation of a new Supplier Evaluation and Approval Process.
  • Preparation of an updated Code of Conduct for Suppliers.
  • Implementation of a new approval process for new suppliers.


  • 99% of suppliers to the VELUX Group have signed the Code of Conduct.
  • Since the launch of the Code of Conduct in 2001, we have been able to correct non-compliance issues in partnership with suppliers and have not yet been forced to terminate a relationship with a supplier solely due to Code of Conduct non-compliance issues. 
  • No new audits were carried out in 2017. 

Next steps

Global implementation of the new Code of Conduct for Suppliers. We aim to have 100% of our suppliers sign the Code of Conduct.

We inquire on how suppliers ensure the company’s code of conduct during our approval and validation Supplier Quality audits.