CSR and Sustainability 

CSR and sustainability are deeply ingrained in the VELUX way of doing business and founded in our Model Company Objective. We wish to design and develop products useful to society and behave responsibly towards all our stakeholders. We continuously seek to minimise our footprint in the way we source, manufacture and sell our products. We are aware that our sustainability efforts go beyond our own activities and take a responsible approach throughout the entire supply chain.

We work to create sustainable, healthy and affordable buildings that balance care for people and planet. We seek to achieve this by putting people first in our product development and by contributing to the creation of new building concepts that support health and well-being in buildings. We reach out to building owners, the building community and policy-makers to set new standards for active buildings with focus on daylight, fresh air and high energy efficiency. 

Our Sustainability Report 2017 is structured around four focus areas, where we as a production company must take special responsibility in order to limit the companys impact on climate and environment, achieve high resource efficiency, offer safe and healthy work conditions and build a resilient framework for sustainable sourcing throughout the value chain.

Our four focus areas are: 

Energy and climate, where we work systematically to reduce the carbon footprint in our production and in our products
Zero-waste production, where we constantly seek to optimise our resource efficiency and have a vision of reaching zero waste at our production sites.
Sustainable sourcingwhere we seek to maximise our use of sustainable materials, e.g. wood in our products.
Safe and healthy workplace, where we strive to eliminate all work-related accidents and occupational diseases.

Our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We support the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe that the VELUX Group can positively influence the realisation of these goals and are guided by this framework in determining the sustainability goals of our company. We have carefully assessed the goals to determine what matters most to us as a company and where we can make our unique contribution:

The VELUX Group and the UN Global Compact

The VELUX Group has joined the UN Global Compact. This Sustainability Report relates and documents our progress in implementing the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

In 2017, new VELUX Group CSR and Sustainability Policies were approved by the VELUX Management Group. The policies are built to support the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and will be implemented in our global activities in the course of 2018.


The VELUX Management Group has the overall responsibility for CSR and Sustainability at the VELUX Group.