Being a good and inclusive workplace for all employees is part of the VELUX heritage. We intend our workforce to reflect the demography of the surrounding society.

It is our fundamental belief that the composition of the workforce must reflect the composition of society. 

Policy and goals

The Model Company Objective reflects the ambition of the VELUX Group to be a good and inclusive workplace for all employees. We aim to strike a level of diversity that reflects the demography of the surrounding society and the increasingly global organisation.

In 2013, the VELUX A/S Board set the goal of 40% female representation on the Board of Directors by 1 April 2017. The goal was reached in 2016, when two women joined the VELUX A/S Board so that three out of six board members elected by the General Assembly are now women. 

  • We encourage more female managers and a diverse workforce in general in terms of age, ethnicity, nationality and gender. We work actively to ensure equal development opportunities for everybody.
  • When recruiting to special positions, e.g. to the ‘GROW with Us’ programme, we try to ensure diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity and nationality. 
  • We apply a company-wide performance evaluation tool and external benchmark to ensure equality. We use a structured annual evaluation tool for managers and administrative staff to ensure transparency and an objective approach to career development and appointment of managers.


The 50/50 male/female representation on the VELUX A/S Board is well above the comparable industry benchmark of 26% female board members.

Gender equality on Board of Directors



Gender equality in senior management



In 2017, 18% of our senior managers were female.

Age distribution, all employees

Age 0-29
Age 50-59
Age 30-39
Age 60-69
Age 40-49

Next steps

In 2018, we will consider our practices to ensure diversity and investigate the possibilities of strengthening our efforts further.