Health and safety

In 2017, the number of work-related accidents per one million working hours was 2.5. This means that the accident frequency is four times lower than the comparable industry benchmark. The long-term vision is to achieve zero accidents. 

Policy and goals

All VELUX manufacturing sites sustain OHSAS 18001 certification (Occupational Health and Safety Management). The long-term vision of the safety work is zero work-related accidents to be achieved by building a resilient health and safety culture and by continuous focus on safety risk management. To monitor compliance with all critical safety standards, we run an extended internal auditing system.


In 2017, we have been working to implement the Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) 2020 plan, which introduces new global processes and safety standards in production and warehousing. The new standards and processes comprise:

  • Safety Leadership Training Vision Zero, new campaign to be implemented company-wide in 2018.

  • Workplace Risk Assessment Standard, implementing a systematic method for preventive actions that can mitigate risks in the daily work and in non-routine work.

  • Roles, Responsibilities and Safety Performance Management Standard, dening key personal safety activities, authorisation and performance indicators for all employee categories.

  • A new Safety Handbook that aims to help the sites further develop and improve their safety management system in the most efficient way.

  • An improved re risk management system with new re standards and auditing at six pilot sites.

  • Workplace Ergonomic program started.

  • Hazardous Materials Management program started.


We set the bar high for our safety work in 2017 aiming for only one accident per one million working hours, which would earn us the World Class Safety label. We did not achieve this goal, however, but saw the level of accidents rising from 1.9 in 2016 to 2.5 in 2017.

The accident frequency of 2.5 achieved in 2017 is about four times lower than the comparable industry benchmark.

The rate of absenteeism in 2017 was 0.4 compared to the target of max. 0.2. Although we have some way to go, this is still half the level of the industry benchmark.

Next steps

In 2018, we aim to improve the Health, Safety and Environment performance by:

  • Completing Safety Leadership Training for 600 managers in Supply.

  • Completing the implementation of the improved re risk management system.

  • Completing the workplace ergonomics programme.

  • Implementing a new Contractor Safety standard.

  • Implementing an extended safety audit to cover the new standards.

Furthermore, we have been begun work on designing and implementing a new integrated HS&E Management System covering all VELUX supply sites and related global functions. The aim is for this new system to replace the existing local site systems by 2020.