Letter to our stakeholders

As the new CEO of the VELUX Group, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the VELUX Sustainability Report 2017.

Sustainability is a fundamental part of the VELUX way of doing business. Taking responsibility for customers, employees and society is not new to us, but stems from our founders ambition to be a model company - a heritage that we are all proud to carry on in our daily work.

The ambition to be a model company is still important today, in a world characterised by growth and increasing prosperity in many societies. Growth and prosperity benefits our company in many ways, and we want to respond by providing more people with the opportunity to experience how daylight and indoor comfort can make a difference to health, energy efficiency and well-being in everyday life.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals published in 2015 set out a common direction for the development of society at large and for companies like ours. This is reflected in our new Group strategy for growth, which pays special attention to our continued effort to deliver outstanding and affordable products that are relevant to consumers and society. We want to remain the strongest brand in the building industry, recognised for high quality, value for money, an innovative mindset and contributing to sustainable development.

Our Sustainability Report 2017 is structured around four focus areas, where we as a production company must take special responsibility in order to limit the companys impact on climate and environment, achieve high resource efficiency, provide safe and healthy work conditions and build a resilient framework for sustainable sourcing throughout the value chain.

We also report on our contribution to leading the change towards sustainable, healthy and affordable buildings for all. This focus supports the ambition expressed in the EU legislative package Clean Energy for All and the international movement towards Active House building concepts that is taking hold in Europe, North America and lately also in China.

We do not for one minute doubt that buildings matter and can make a difference to the climate, to health and quality of life and to societal productivity and sustainability. 

Enjoy the read!

David Briggs, CEO