Managing hazardous substances

We design our products to minimise their environmental impact during manufacture, use and disposal. To ensure that, we take a proactive and precautious approach to managing hazardous substances.

Policy and goals

The VELUX Group carefully manages the use of hazardous chemicals and materials.

In 2017, we took the next steps towards ensuring sustainable use of chemicals throughout our supply chain, enforcing a precautionary approach based on the VELUX environmental policy, VELUX defined standards and international regulation.

The goal is to set up and implement a global chemical management process to be applied by all VELUX companies.


In 2017, we established a work group mandated to establish guidelines and tools for use of hazardous materials in VELUX production and ensure compliance as regards hazardous materials in VELUX products in local markets.


The work group has kicked off a number of activities, e.g.

  • Prepare a VELUX Restricted Substance Manual for suppliers.

  • Set up a common monitoring system for regulatory requirements.

  • Set up a Chemical Management Process for the entire product development and manufacturing process.

  • Prepare a common VELUX hazardous materials inventory.

Next steps

  • At the beginning of 2018, we will start implementing the VELUX Restricted Substance Management Standard that must be signed by all suppliers.

  • Global processes will be implemented to strengthen the proactive approach to hazardous material management in all VELUX companies.