Sourcing of sustainable and certified wood

In 2017, 99,5% of the wood for VELUX products in Europe was sourced from certified, sustainable forests.

Policy and goals

We recognise the importance of sustainable forest management as part of our effort to protect the environment, ensure biodiversity, tackle climate change and protect the rights of local communities in forested areas.

All VELUX windows are manufactured at our own factories. All factories in Europe are certified according to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and/or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). Our factories in the USA and China are not PEFC or FSC certified, but do use wood from controlled sources.

All VELUX windows produced in Europe for the European market fulfil the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation.


In 2017, we increased the share of certified wood from 98% to 99,5%. The remaining 0,5% of the wood is sourced as “controlled” wood according to the FSC standard. This means that the origin of the wood is known and that it comes from non-controversial and legal sources.

In order to uphold the FSC and PEFC certification, we carried out 38 internal audits during 2017. External audits and performance follow-up have now been integrated into the purchasing setup with an annual supplier meeting and monthly performance follow-up. This contributes to our overall performance and compliance with the two systems.

The VELUX Group has been a member of FSC Denmark and FSC International since 2016. During 2017, we hosted FSC training and knowledge sharing for other companies to support the continued development of sustainable supply chains, also outside our own business and supply base.


  • 99,5% of the wood used for VELUX windows is sourced from certified, sustainable forests. The remaining 0,5% is defined as ‘controlled’ wood by FSC. All our wood suppliers are certified according to PEFC, FSC or both.
  • All our activities comply with the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR).
  • We source wood as close to our factories as possible. Our wood is sourced from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Poland, France and the USA.
  • All wood cut-offs and wood chips from our production sites are used for recycling or heating purposes. 

Sources of purchased wood

The VELUX Group does not purchase wood from non-controlled sources
Percentage of wood from certified sources
Percentage of wood from controlled sources

Benchmark: Percentage of global roundwood from certified sources (FAO)

Next steps

In 2018, we will continue to work with suppliers, PEFC, FSC and other partners to reach a level of minimum 99,5% certified wood at our European factories.