CSR in the VELUX Group

As described in the Model Company Objective, the VELUX Group aims to have a positive impact on society and on people’s health and well-being.

In order to demonstrate this, we have focused our CSR efforts in the areas where we have a special role to play in addressing some of the challenges facing society today. In 2015, the UN member states agreed on 17 Sustainable Development Goals that reflect these societal challenges. We have assessed the goals to determine what matters most to us as a company and where we can offer our unique contribution.

Read more about our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the ‘About the report’ section.

Moreover, we conduct our business throughout the entire supply chain in a responsible manner, in line with our Model Company Objective and our commitment to the UN Global Compact principles.

In other words, we take a responsible approach throughout the entire supply chain and offer a special contribution to creating better living environments for all.

We take a responsible approach throughout the entire supply chain and offer a special contribution to creating better living environments for all:

Better living environments

Our business

We source from suppliers around the world governed in accordance with our VELUX Code of Conduct.
The main materials sourced are pine wood from managed forests as well as glass, aluminium and polyurethane.


CSR aspects we focus on

  • Sustainable wood 
  • Responsible sourcing

Our business

The VELUX Group employs around 9,500 people. We manufacture our products at 17 sites in Poland, the USA, China, France, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have sales companies in 40 countries around the world.


CSR aspects we focus on

  • A good employer
  • A healthy and safe workplace
  • Environmental impact of our production

Our business

Our products provide daylight and ventilation while being energy efficient. Our products enable people to convert attics and other rooms into affordable, healthy and energy-efficient living spaces. VELUX roof windows are primarily used in residential buildings. VELUX Modular Skylights are used in commercial and office buildings. Key markets are Europe, North America and China.


CSR aspects we focus on

  • Sustainable products
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Product quality and durability
  • Fair competition

Our business

Our approach to creating better living environments comprises four perspectives:
  1. We put people first to create healthy homes with extended living space, good indoor comfort and low energy consumption.
  2. We pioneer sustainable building solutions through full-scale demonstration projects.
  3. We engage with industry stakeholders and inspire to innovative solutions for better living environments.
  4. We influence the framework conditions and lead the development of sustainable solutions that balance care for people and planet.

CSR aspects we focus on

Sustainable buildings
  • Put people first in healthy homes
  • Pioneer sustainable solutions
  • Engage with building community
  • Influence framework conditions

CSR governance

The VELUX Management Group has the overall responsibility for Corporate Social Responsibility in the VELUX Group. The CSR Committee is responsible for setting direction and defining our CSR activities. Read more

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