Influencing framework conditions

We seek sustainable solutions that balance care for people and planet. In April 2016, 240 people met to discuss better living environments at the VELUX Healthy Buildings Day in Brussels. 60 European decision makers took part in the European Parliament breakfast discussions.

Buildings account for 36% of the EU's CO2 emissions, yet 75% of these buildings are not energy efficient.

Strategy and goals
The VELUX Group was founded on a vision to bring daylight and fresh air through the roof and into people’s lives and homes. We engage with local, regional and global legislators, authorities and interest organisations to influence the framework conditions under which the building industry operates.

We actively promote political action to ensure better living environments for all, ensuring that building performance directives and buildings codes address the need to design and build for people’s health, at the same time as minimising the environmental impact of buildings. 

Our advocacy is guided by our Public Affairs Policy, which applies to all employees, consultants and advisors.

Through a series of building experiments, we have demonstrated that it is possible to comply with the expected EU building energy standards for 2020 with existing technologies and without compromising people’s health and well-being.  

On EU and national levels, we advocate:

  • The Active House vision and principles to achieve nZEB (nearly Zero Energy Buildings).
  • Daylight in buildings as a key enabler of human health and well-being.
  • Natural ventilation and ventilative cooling as key enablers of good indoor air quality.
  • Affordable solutions for healthy and energy-efficient homes. 
  • Use of energy balance to evaluate the energy performance of buildings to account for solar gain in buildings and use of dynamic blinds and shading.

On the annual Healthy Buildings Day in Brussels, we bring together political decision makers, stakeholders from the health sector, building specialists, NGOs and officials from the European Commission to discuss different topics related to framework conditions and concrete solutions for better living environments in Europe. 

Through the Active House Alliance, we are contributing to a new common EU framework of indicators for resource-efficient buildings. 

In 2016, 240 people participated in the Healthy Buildings Day. 60 political decision makers took part in the breakfast discussion, with the event creating media attention in 19 countries. 

Next steps
We continue our advocacy for daylight, fresh air and energy efficiency as key enablers of better living environments at affordable prices. In 2017, the Healthy Buildings Day will take place in Brussels in May.

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