People development

94% of VELUX employees participated in the Global Employee Survey 2016. Loyalty and commitment remains high among employees, reaching index 73 in 2016.

Loyalty and commitment among employees remains at a high level and above benchmark which is index 68.

Policy and goals
Our market leadership depends on our ability to attract, retain and engage the best people. We invest in and develop people to be passionate performers.

We strive to provide a safe and motivating work environment where people are treated with respect and offered equal opportunities for development, and we respect the principle of freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

  • The Global Employee Survey was carried out in autumn 2016 among employees at all VELUX sites. The response rate was 94%.
  • We have continued our activities to revitalise our unique VELUX culture. Key actions are to strengthen leadership, support global collaboration and boost passion and performance throughout the organisation.
  • New tools were introduced to support continuous people development based on business needs and individual aspirations.
  • We focus on mobility across the VELUX Group as an active tool for career development when aligned with business needs. 


Employee level of loyalty and commitment

Global Employee Survey:
Overall loyalty and commitment score

Employee level of satisfaction and motivation

Global Employee Survey:
Overall satisfaction and motivation score

Leadership training

Number of participants in Passion for Leadership and Passion for Performance training

Employee turnover, non-production

Non-production workers

Employee turnover, production


Production workers

At VELUX Group level, employee Satisfaction & Motivation is in the medium range at index 66. Loyalty & Commitment results remain at a high level − index 73. Both results are above the general external benchmark but below the comparative result for “top-in-class” companies.

There are large variations across countries, companies/business units, departments and teams. In general, there has been a positive development in Satisfaction & Motivation for sales companies since the 2014 survey, while there has been a negative development for production companies.

The results have the attention of the management and it is a clear priority to follow up on all units and teams, especially in areas in need of improvement.

Next steps
The overall results of the Global Employee Survey reflect large variations across countries, sales companies, production sites and functions and will be followed up by local action plans to continue the work to make our Group an even better workplace.

A new global approach to people development will be rolled out in 2017 based on the principle of ‘career clusters’. The tool identifies four career clusters: Professional, Specialist, Project Manager and People Manager.

2017 will also see a focus to attract more talented graduates and early professionals.

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