Pioneering sustainable buildings

The VELUX Group has initiated or contributed to 27 Active Houses around the world, pioneering solutions for better living environments and higher energy efficiency. In 2016, we opened RenovActive in Brussels and Active House Centennial Park in Canada.

27 Active Houses so far
Strategy and goals
A window is one of the few building components that can provide a positive energy balance by solar heat gain through the pane. We want to make the most of this unique characteristic and to pioneer buildings that give more than they take in terms of indoor climate and environmental impact. 

Through a series of demonstration projects based on Active House principles, we seek to demonstrate how tomorrow’s buildings can be built today using current technology and know-how. By monitoring the projects and studying the interaction between home and residents, we want to contribute to creating a blueprint for future housing. 

  • Over the years, the VELUX Group has initiated and partnered in the building of 27 Active Houses around the world.
  • The most recent project is the RenovActive home in Brussels, showcasing affordable solutions for the renovation of social housing. The project demonstrates how Active House principles can be applied on a larger scale to benefit whole housing estates based on three principles: affordable, easy to reproduce, scalable. Besides energy savings, the renovation project focuses on improving indoor comfort for residents. 

  • Two new Active Houses were built in 2016 with active contributions by the VELUX Group.
  • RenovActive in Brussels was opened to visitors, mainly decision-makers, NGOs, building professionals and researchers, in May 2016. 

Next steps
  • RenovActive will be handed over to its tenants in May 2017. The tenants’ interaction with the house will be monitored during a test period. The results will be analysed to gain new insights into resident behaviour and renovation methods.
  • The RenovActive concept will be replicated in several homes in the Bon Air estate, owned by Le Foyer Anderlechtois. In May 2016, the authorities gave permission to implement the renovation concept in 86 similar homes.

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