Product quality

VELUX roof windows are designed and manufactured for a service life of 40 years or more. 98% of installers and dealers agree that VELUX products are high quality and reliable products.

Policy and goals
Quality is a cornerstone of the VELUX business and essential to fulfilling our vision of leading the development of better living environments with daylight and fresh air. Our roof windows are developed for a service life of 40 years or more.

We ensure high quality in products and processes by following the VELUX Group Quality Policy and the VELUX Quality Management system based on the ISO 9001 standard.

In 2016, we issued one warning to customers regarding a defect in our smoke ventilators involving a lock ring that can detach.

Product warranty service

Percentage of sold VELUX roof windows that require warranty service within the first three years.

Only 0.7% of all sold VELUX roof windows require warranty service in the first three years. We offer an extensive service/support network in the event that service or repair is needed

The VELUX Group offers reliable and high-quality products

Dealer and installer feedback through third party satisfaction tracking survey.
Biennual measure before 2013

Completely agree
Completely disagree
Don’t know

98% of installers and dealers completely agree or agree that the VELUX Group offers high-quality and reliable products.

Next step
We continue to control product and process quality along the entire value chain from purchase of raw materials to product development, production and after-sales services.

In future, we plan to take this even further through a focus on preventive quality assurance, which will be incorporated into our quality systems in 2017.

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