Putting people first

Mankind is developing into an indoor species in a world, where people tend to spend up to 90 % of their time indoors.

84,000,000 Europeans are living in damp and unhealthy buildings.
Strategy and goals

The VELUX Group puts people first in the development of better living environments for all. 

It is a fact that people in the countries where we are present, typically spend up to 90% of their time inside buildings in the countries that are relevant to us. In Europe alone, some 84 million people live in damp and unhealthy buildings, while 30 million people suffer from lack of daylight. 

At the same time, buildings consume huge amounts of valuable resources during construction and in the use phase. In fact, buildings account for 40% of total energy consumption and up to 50% of the total raw material use in Europe. 

In other words, buildings are key elements in solving the global challenges of health, resource scarcity and climate change. That is why we have made it our core business to help create healthy and sustainable buildings that balance care for people and care for planet.

With our products and solutions, we want to create bright, healthy and efficient buildings for people to live, work, learn and play in. To do this, we take leadership in the quest to pioneer sustainable buildings, inspire the building community and challenge the framework conditions that govern the building sector.

The founder of the VELUX Group once said that one experiment is better than a thousand expert views. We live this principle, and take a user-oriented and experimental approach to sustainable building design. We consult with home and building owners, and base new developments on insights gained through observations of how people interact with buildings and technology, combined with quantitative studies of people’s expectations of a healthy and user-friendly building. 

We have gathered real-life experiences from test families who have lived in our demo-buildings, recording not only energy consumption and other functional parameters, but also personal habits and reflections. This documentation has provided us with vital information on comfort, energy and environment, and also helped us to understand how daylight and fresh air can facilitate a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. 

As part of our user-centric approach to create healthy and sustainable homes, we carry out the Healthy Home Barometer survey, conducted for the third year in a row in 2016. Healthy Home Barometer is a European study of people’s attitudes and behaviour patterns in terms of healthy living, home satisfaction and energy consumption. The local VELUX sales companies have activated the Healthy Home Barometer key findings through local conferences, meetings and media. The purpose is to raise the general awareness of the importance of indoor climate for health and well-being.


  • 14,000 Europeans from 14 countries participated in the 2016 Healthy Home Barometer survey.
  • Local reports of Healthy Home Barometer results were published in 11 countries either online or in print.

Next steps

  • The next Healthy Home Barometer survey will be carried out in spring 2017.
  • In 2017, we will continue to share know-how and guidelines for healthy homes with daylight, fresh air and low energy consumption.

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