VELUX Group sustainability partnerships

Partnerships and co-operations are key to achieve the targets in the VELUX Group’s Sustainability Strategy. By 2030, we will achieve 100% reduction in operational emissions and halve our value chain emissions. Read more about our partnerships below.



In 2020, we announced a twenty-year partnership with WWF to capture carbon equivalent to our historical CO2 emissions by 2041. The partnership will deliver a  portfolio of forest projects in tropical forest landscapes with high biodiversity value that will create positive change for people, nature and climate.

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Schneider Electric

In 2021, we announced a partnership with Schneider Electric to  pursue  renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). A PPA provides renewable energy developers the business case needed to establish new, clean power generation. Purchasing renewable electricity is part of the VELUX Group's commitment to eliminate reliance on energy produced by fossil fuels addressing its scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions. 

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VELUX, Schneider electric partnership, wind turbines
VELUX and Hydro partnership, recycled content aluminium


In 2022, we announced a partnership with Hydro to supply us with Hydro REDUXA® and Hydro CIRCAL®. Through this partnership we have been able to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions per kilo of aluminium used in the manufacturing of VELUX roof windows, flat-roof windows and accessories (shutters and blinds).

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In 2022, we announced a multi-year partnership with Novelis to supply us with high-content recycled aluminium. Recycled aluminium produces 95% less carbon emissions than manufacturing primary aluminium. Decarbonizing the materials in our value chain is key to reducing our scope 3 carbon emissions.  

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VELUX and Novelis partnership, roller shutter production
VELUX and Bay Wa r.e. partnership, solar park, renewable energy

BayWa r.e.

In 2022, we announced a partnership with BayWa r.e. to build two new solar parks in Spain. The electricity generated from these solar parks will supply 100% of the electricity of the VELUX Group's European operations. This partnership contributes to the goal of reducing CO2 emissions in scope 1 and 2 by 100% by 2030.  

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In 2023, we announced a co-operation with ArcelorMittal, the world's leading steel and mining company, to lower the carbon footprint of the steels used in VELUX roof windows. Our aim is to reduce embedded CO2 by up to 70 percent (depending on the type of steel product used) compared with conventionally produced steel. 

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ArcelorMittal and VELUX Group co-operation