VELUX Show how to build sustainably

Show how to build sustainably

Advocate for sustainable buildings and communities to leverage the green transition and quality of life.

For more than two decades, we have worked with sustainable buildings to inspire the building industry to create sustainable buildings and communities. We want to positively impact the buildings of tomorrow and contribute to a more sustainable building sector. You can read more about some of our efforts to create sustainable buildings here:

We advocate for sustainable buildings and communities in partnerships and through renowned forums and research, such as:

You can find more information about our take on a sustainable building here.

Build for Life – a new future-focused concept 

We are taking action through Build for Life, founded on an understanding that the way we build and transform buildings today has an enormous impact on people, communities and the ecosystems that will sustain us tomorrow. We are working with likeminded ambitious partners to visibly lead the way towards low carbon buildings.

Living Places

Living Places is an experimental project which aims to show how low carbon housing, that is regenerative for the planet, can be built using existing technologies – and in a way that does not incur any additional costs in construction and without comprising on quality, architecture and indoor climate. Working with partners, we test new techniques and gain valuable insights and learnings on how to develop new solutions for construction and living.

In Spring 2023, the first Living Places prototype will open in Copenhagen to the public. Building principles for the Living Places concept In the coming years, the project will be scaled into affordable and sustainable housing that can reduce CO2e and support the goals of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5°C.