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  • Ensure diversity and an inclusive culture
  • Increase number of women in management positions
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  • Reduce air travel and switch to zero emission cars
  • Achieve zero waste
  • Share sustainable innovations
  • Promote a circular economy

Reduce, reuse and recycle for a circular economy

Promoting a circular economy is important throughout our society and not least within the building industry. The environmental impact of construction waste is significant (30 percent of all waste comes from construction).

Economy - infinity sign

Reused timber

Circularity indicators

Our target for promoting a circular economy is explorative. It focuses on defining circularity indicators for our products and solutions. We will set a quantitative 2030 target by 2021. This could lead to the promotion of renewable materials, like wood, or to explore how to bring materials back into the product life cycle i.e. reduce, recuse and recycle. 

Read more about how we used reclaimed timber to manufacture roof windows in a case in the Netherlands.