VELUX Green our packaging

Our packaging is an important component of our products. With this target we will work to reduce the amount of packaging world-wide and limit the use of plastics. Today, more than 98% of our packaging for VELUX residential roof windows in Europe is paper-based.

A new plastic-free packaging material, made from responsibly sourced paper and cardboard, is now fully implemented for all standard residential windows sold in Europe. This new packaging has saved us more than 600 tonnes of EPS/plastic in 2022 compared to 2021.

Assembling roof windows

Single material and 100% recyclable packaging

Our packaging is an important component of our products and must therefore also be as ‘green’ as possible. We will adjust our product packaging from a mix of paper/cardboard-based materials and plastic to solely paper/cardboard that can be disposed of and re-cycled in one process without the need for sorting and separation.

Making packaging single material and 100% recyclable will ease disposal for our customers. The target covers packaging for windows and accessories.

We are aiming to use zero plastic in our packaging

We have reached a milestone! Today, 98% of the sloped roof windows that leave our factories are packaged in plastic-free packaging.

We have  eliminated single-use plastic and replaced it with a paper-based single material packaging made from FSC certified cardboard.

Cardboard packaging