Zero Plastic packaging

The packaging for 90 percent of our sloped roof windows is now plastic-free. Our ambition is to reach Zero Plastic in our packaging as part of our sustainability goal for all our packaging to be single material, zero plastic and 100 percent recyclable by 2030.

FSC certified cardboard

We have reached a big milestone! We have managed to eliminate single-use plastic and replace it with a paper-based single material packaging made from FSC certified cardboard.

Cardboard is easier and more efficient to recycle than plastic, as it requires less sorting and separation. Another advantageous property of cardboard, is that it can be recycled multiple times. If we ensure that the packaging can be recycled, then the waste management process can ensure that the raw material is recycled – allowing us to close the loop and achieve circularity. 
Window packaging
Cardboard packaging

Easier to recycle

As cardboard is a single material, it increases the likelihood of proper sorting when being recycled. Cardboard is easier and more efficient to recycle than plastic and contains more recycled content compared to most other plastics, including our old EPS protection blocks.

In most countries, there are very well-established recycling systems for cardboard in comparison to what is available for EPS and other plastics. The use of cardboard will lead to a more streamlined recycling process that is more efficient and cost-effective.

Packaging carbon footprint reduced by 13 percent

The elimination of single-use plastic in 90 percent of our roof window packaging, amounts to approximately 900 tonnes of plastic per year. This is equivalent to 604 trucks (with a capacity of 90m3) filled with plastic.

Eliminating the use of plastic within our packaging means that we can reduce our overall roof window packaging carbon footprint by approximately 13 percent.

Packaging machine
Window in cardboard packaging

Still well protected

Our new plastic-free packaging concept has been thoroughly tested in accordance with VELUX packaging requirements. The new components have undergone the same comprehensive testing as our existing packaging, which includes transportation, vibration, stacking, humidity and handling tests.

Products with plastic-free packaging

You will experience Zero Plastic in the packaging for the following roof window types, both manual and electric variants: GGL, GGU, GPL, GPU, GZL, GLL, GLU.

For GPU, only the manual variants are part of this first phase of the project.

Packaging warehouse
Cardboard packaging

Our goal

Our goal is to reach Zero Plastic by 2030. We are determined to ensure that we maintain our high standards while working towards this goal.

We are currently converting to the use of plastic-free packaging at the highest speed possible, without compromising the quality of our service and products.