VELUX Reduce our product carbon footprint

This target is closely linked to our work to reduce scope 3 emissions, as approximately 78% of our product footprint comes from materials used. Our work with reducing our product carbon footprint focus on the embodied carbon footprint of our most common product – the average residential VELUX sloped roof window as sold to our customers without accessories or installation products. It follows a ‘cradle to gate’ approach to include the embodied carbon footprint of the raw materials, transport to VELUX and manufacturing. 

The average residential sloped roof window had an average carbon footprint of 120 kilograms CO2e per produced unit in 2022. We anticipate that the most significant opportunities for carbon reduction in products will come from implementing wider change to our product platform. We have also intensified collaboration between our product development and procurement teams to share knowledge and data collection methodologies. Through this collaboration, we aim to design to enable the use of low carbon materials for future products.