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  • Capture our historical carbon footprint
  • Reduce our future carbon footprint
  • Show how to build sustainably
  • Innovate digital products for sustainable living
  • Reduce our product carbon footprint
  • Green our packaging
  • Ensure diversity and an inclusive culture
  • Increase number of women in management positions
  • Employ people with disabilities
  • Strive for zero accidents
  • Provide healthy workspaces
  • Reduce air travel and switch to zero emission cars
  • Achieve zero waste
  • Share sustainable innovations
  • Promote a circular economy

Halving our product carbon footprint

Our target is that by 2030, we will have taken half of the CO2 emissions out of our product.

Reduce CO2

Striving to develop products useful to society as stated in our Model Company Objective is ingrained in our company‚Äôs DNA. Reducing the carbon footprint of our products by 50 percent links sustainability directly to our product offering, because we want to create better indoor spaces for people and care for the environment.  
Raw materials, transport and production are key components in our product carbon footprint. To achieve our product carbon footprint reduction goal, we will significantly change the way we specify and develop our products. For example, we are looking into the following carbon reduction levers:

  • reducing material weight
  • replacing materials with lower carbon footprint
  • re-designing products

We will be working with the most carbon contributing materials and processes adding up to the embodied carbon footprint (such as metal, glass and plastics), and several other carbon reduction levers. We will collaborate with our supply chain to reach our target. This target is directly linked to our overall CO2 reduction ambitions – our commitment to Science Based Targets and Lifetime Carbon Neutral.