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  • Capture our historical carbon footprint
  • Reduce our future carbon footprint
  • Show how to build sustainably
  • Innovate digital products for sustainable living
  • Reduce our product carbon footprint
  • Green our packaging
  • Ensure diversity and an inclusive culture
  • Increase number of women in management positions
  • Employ people with disabilities
  • Strive for zero accidents
  • Provide healthy workspaces
  • Reduce air travel and switch to zero emission cars
  • Achieve zero waste
  • Share sustainable innovations
  • Promote a circular economy

Striving for zero accidents

With this 2030 target, we will expand our current safety efforts and targets within production to cover all employees in the VELUX Group.

Our target is to strive for zero accidents across our entire business, be it production or within sales. 

Zero accidents

Improving our safety

Ever since our foundation, safety is and always has been at the core of our business. With these global targets, we will pro-actively work towards an embedded safety culture throughout our organisation, including employees in our sales offices and set up a global governance structure with transparent reporting on safety.

We have significantly improved our safety record during the last decade, reducing our accident frequency by 62 percent since 2010. Lost time injuries per one million working hours fell from 4.5 in 2010 to 1.7 in 2019.